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Claude Salmiéri

Drummer - Pianist - Composer

  • You can use the PL21 PACK alongside a drum mic pack to record percussion instruments live: snare drums, toms, congas, djembes, you name it.

    On the one side they're light and they don't take up much room (if you're a drummer, you'll know what I mean). On the other side they're rugged and can handle up to 140dB, giving you sound clarity and accuracy with exceptional dynamics, on stage or in the studio.

    With Prodipe's specially designed clamps, the PL21 can be positioned very quickly and I know I keep on saying this, but once again Prodipe have given drummers a piece of professional equipment which is spot on performance wise and great value for money.

  • As drummers we often have to put up with the same problems, on stage or in a small studio - either there just aren't enough mics to get the best sound from all the pieces of a drum set, or the mics themselves just aren't up to the job.

    The DR-8 case provides the solution and is a must for the drummer on the move. At such an unbeatable price, concert venues can now buy in professional equipment that will handle any situation. These mics have the same standard, if not better, than many of the models I've used in my career as a musician.

    So when a manufacturer offers me impeccable quality at prices which have never been equalled for this level of professionalism, I have to give a thumbs up to the Prodipe philosophy.

  • My DL21 4-mic pack for toms and snare drums is incredibly ergonomic for live playing. It makes a perfect addition to the DR8 drum mic case.

    The 21 capsule can handle up to 140dB, and at that level of performance it will preserve the full harmonic envelope, which brings warmth to the sound of your instrument. Highly effective for recording snare drums and toms.

    And we've designed a very clever rubber clamp that perfectly adapts to the various hoop sizes, and cushions the vibrations. The capsule stays exactly where it should be when suspended over the drum head and accurately reproduces the sound of your instrument.

    You can also use the DL21 mics to record the depth of the timbre of your snare drum by attaching them to the underside of the drum.

  • I've been involved with Prodipe products since the very beginning. Fifteen years ago, Jean-Luc Masson approached Ludovic Lanen and myself to see if we would be interested in using our skills and experience in the design of pro audio equipment: mine as a musician on stage and in the studio, and Ludovic's as a sound engineer.

    There's no secret about the fact that Prodipe have the same factories manufacturing their products as the bigger brands, and I can confirm this from my regular visits to the plants in China. Prodipe's genius has been their ability to lower prices and do away with as many of the middlemen as possible. Right from the start, Prodipe have always done what they said they were going to do: offer the highest quality at exceptional prices.

    I've thoroughly enjoyed the Prodipe adventure and I'm in it for the long haul.

  • When a manufacturer is able to offer this quality with prices unequalled at this level of professionalism, I have to say, "Yes to Prodipe!"

    I am committed to Prodipe because it's a brand that listens to "musicians.


  • MAGMA with Christian Vander
  • has participated on albums with artists as prestigious as Ray Charles, Don Cherry and Marvin Gaye.
  • has participated in some of the most well known comedy musicals such as Starmania, Tycoon and The Hunchback of Notre Dame de Paris.
  • has accompanied many French and international stars such as Larry Carlton and Robben Ford.
  • is currently putting together his own trio, the Jazz Light Night and is creating his own production label, BULLDOG MUSIC and producing young artists.