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La Souris Déglinguée

Rock band

  • La Souris Déglinguée use Prodipe studio monitors because such a lot on offer for such a low price makes them pretty radical.


La Souris déglinguée (LSD) is an alternative French rock band. They first appeared in 1976, a street band from the Paris suburbs, led by their singer, Tai-Luc, and they're still going strong. With a repertoire which embraces musical and cultural eclecticism, they have gone from punk to 60s rock, and from la Oi! to dub via rap and rock'n'roll, covering all manner of topics such as Vietnam and the former communist outskirts of Paris. 

La Souris Déglinguée (LSD) have forged their reputation on stage, but they've also been a favourite of the critics, like Laurent Chalumeau, from the magazine, Rock&Folk1, who has supported the group since the beginning of the 1980s, and Philippe Manœuvre2.

LSD's first 'official' concert was in Sarcelles in 1979, and their first single was funded by friends.

Since 1983, the group have constantly innovated, showing no hesitation in blending other musical styles, for example, they incorporated brass, accordion and female vocals on the album Aujourd'hui et Demain. Reputed for having one of the strongest and most vigorous fan bases in France, the International Raya Fan Club (I.R.F.C.), LSD write songs filled with poetry and melodies that reflect their fans' experience of being on the periphery and Tai-Luc's quasi-obsession with all things Vietnamese and Asian.

In December 2005, they released Mekong, their 15th album, and in 2006, the album/DVD Live au Glaz'art.

In 2009, the album, As-tu déjà oublié ?, mixed by Rémi Berger, was released by Clandestines3 (Rémi Berger has been mixing LSD's recordings since 1980).

On Saturday 23rd January 2010, the group celebrated their 30 years together in the boulevard Voltaire at Bataclan, Paris.

In 2012, LSD played at the Midi festival in Shanghai and Beijing under the name of fengkuangzhishufaguoyuedui (疯狂之鼠法国乐队).

In 2014, their psycho jazz could be heard at New Morning, in the chapel at Fresnes Prison, and during the French/British streetpunk festival at Boqueho. In the final months of 2015, their concerts in Toulouse, Perpignan and at Chez Paulette in Toul, have been setting the scene for Musicorama Lysergique at the Olympia in Paris on Saturday 9th May.