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Yvon Guillard


  • I've been using Prodipe equipment for several years now because I know how much attention they pay to the manufacturing side.

    After testing the new SB21 instrument mic, I decided to have one of my own.

    It gives me the natural sound of my instrument; it gives me a capsule that can handle the high pressure levels associated with the trumpet and it gives me an ingenious clamp that is very effective for positioning the mic.

  • The RSL blew me away! When you compare it to classic ribbon mics, the Prodipe RSL offers a similar level of performance.

    It gives you everything you'd want from a ribbon mic - softness, roundness, warmth and a natural reproduction of the instrument sound, for example, with a guitar or any other harmonically rich acoustic instrument the RSL brings out the purity of the timbre and the presence of the instrument with incredible accuracy.

    The Prodipe RSL fills a gap in the market for this type of mic and my feeling is that no studio or home studio should be without one.

  • Over the years Prodipe have become an extremely innovative brand.

    The sound definition of my instrument in the UHF band is astonishing. And there is no modulation noise or static.


YVON GUILLARD belongs to a class of musicians whose careers have developed through bold experimentation based on nonstop musical research.

A classical training from a conservatoire combined with a natural affinity for jazz, rhythm and blues paved the way for Yvon Guillard to work with the likes of Weidorje at one end of the spectrum and Jacques Higelin at the other, not forgetting Bernard Lavilliers, Véronique Sanson, Bill Deraime, Serge Gainsbourg, Magma, Youssou N'Dour, l'Affaire Louis Trio, the Silencers, Eva Marchal and Claude Salmiéri in the middle.