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Michel-Yves Kochmann

Guitarist - Arranger - Conductor - Composer - Sound

  • I had the pleasure of testing Prodipe's stereo ribbon mic (Ludovic Lanen RSL).

    The 'Y' lead is supplied, which helps make the wiring amazingly simple. When connected to my Neve 4081 preamp (with the level raised - ribbon mics don't have a high level), I enjoyed an extremely warm sound with crisp, non-aggressive highs and a vintage feel that would take your breath away.

    The stereo 'positioning' is very natural and you feel like you're rediscovering a piece of music. I've used it to record my Dobros, and the composer I was working with just loved the softness and warmth of the sound.

    It's also very pleasant when listening to certain vintage style acoustic sounds.

    And it's great as an ambiance mic placed a little way from acoustic instruments to inject that extra softness to the whole.



For more than 20 years, Michel-Yves Kochmann has accompanied the greatest names in French music, on stage and in the studio, but he is also an arranger, conductor, composer, sound technician. 

Who is MYK?

"French chanson is a genre of music and poetry, but of course, it is neither poetry nor music. For my part, I do genre, whereas Michel-Yves is a musician; he doesn't do genre.  

In his youth he was with Isaac Albeniz and Villalobos, and later, the likes of Keith Richards and Ry Cooder. He is one of France's top guitarists, and the fact that he adds wings to my modest creations moves me more deeply than any awards or gold albums."

Alain Souchon


Michel-Yves Kochmann studied at the Conservatoire National de Région de Tours. He received the gold medal for guitar playing in 1983.

He has worked with: Alain Souchon (the only musician that he has kept with him since 1986 - Michel-Yves Kochmann is considered by his fans to be a legendary guitarist - and this mainly down to his guitar work on Foule sentimentale, L'amour à la machine, C'est déjà ça, Sous les jupes des filles, etc.), Laurent Voulzy, Elsa, Michel Fugain, Renaud, Julien Clerc, Zazie, Alizée, Stevie Wonder, Nolwenn Leroy, Jane Birkin, Les Enfoirés, Luciano Pavarotti, Klaus Badelt (several film scores), Gabriel Yared (several scores), Emma Daumas, Sol en Si (on tour with Francis Cabrel, Zazie, Alain Souchon, Michel Jonasz, Maurane, Catherine Lara), Johnny Halliday, Maurane, Christophe La Pinta, and the list goes on.

He has also played on numerous live TV shows, such as Tapis Rouge, Taratata, La Nouvelle Star and The Voice.

As well as being a studio and live musician, he has set up his own recording studio, where he either produces artists or offers his services to others (generally for film scores).

Latest tour: Nolwenn Leroy

Most significant recent recording: La Guerre des Boutons, music by Klaus Badelt, and music by Michel-Yves Kochmann.