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Gérard Langella

Sound designer - Producer - Composer

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    If you want this much accuracy, the choice is obvious!


Artistic director, producer and composer for many French and international artists.

  • Producer/Composer for numerous entertainers as Mr Untel & Hanna H, Loving Paris, Sister Queen, Isis, Precious Wilson, Kova Rea and WahWah Watson.
  • Production/Direction/Remixes for the Major Company labels: Khaled, Sonique, Tuvstarr, Master Boys, Patrick Juvet, Brigitte Fontaine, Kenny Thomas, Dalida, Charles & Eddie, Rachid Taha, Carole Jiani, Art Mengo and L'Affaire Louis Trio.
  • Multimedia Producer for www.blobprod.com (Universal, Meadow Five Star, Salem, Camel).
  • Sound designer, theme tunes and TV ad music (Paris Première, Ardisson A2, MCM, Maxximum, NRJ/TF1, General Motors, etc).