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Fabrice Leyni

Sound engineer

  • After learning about Prodipe from performers and producers at Studio Omega, I became particularly interested in the STC-3D MK2 Ludovic Lanen and the A1.

    I was especially surprised by their level of quality at these prices, each mic replicates the warmth of the source, which is rare for this typology, which usually sounds too cold and tinny.

    In all honesty, these mics are the best value for money and they’re already rubbing shoulders with our top-of-the-range equipment. 


As a sound engineer, he has worked with NTM, Pleymo, Emma Daumas, Florent Pagny, Prohom, Silmarils, Yvan Cassar 'A Species Odyssey', Lord Kossity, Disiz La Peste, Mickael Youn, La RudaSalska, Akhenaton, La Tordue, Yamakasi, Cécilia Cara and Pierpoljak.