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Patrice Küng

Sound engineer

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    Prodipe monitors effortlessly compete equally with products from other brands, much more expensive.

    My Pro 5 V3 monitors coupled with the Sub 10S V3 have the advantage of an excellent timbral rigor, which in no way detracts from their musicality and listening comfort. By the settings accessible on the back side, everyone can at leisure refine the brilliance, the crossover as well as the bass level, so as to adapt it to his own tastes and especially to the acoustics of the cabin.

    The Stereo image and the dissociation of spaces are also very precise and very linear, without the unfortunate threshold effect that often constrains a constantly high level of listening. In addition, each speaker is bi-amplified, for an optimal distribution of power: an asset that brings a real balance to the system!



The Patrice Küng studio offers the recording and mixing of soundtracks for films, records and television films.

Collaborations with Julia Migenes, Patrick Bruel, Maurane, Maxime le Forestier, Manau, Dany Brillant, Cunnie Williams...