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Phil Delire

Sound Engineer - Producer

  • I've really appreciated using the Claude Salmiéri DR8 drum mic kit.


    It has given me a lot, not only great dynamism and an accurate representation of the original sound, but a price that makes it such a worthwhile buy.


After a brief period at INSAS (Institut Supérieur des Arts), Phil Delire chose to learn about the job of sound engineer through hands on experience, first in London at Morgan Studios, then in Brussels (Morgan Studios Brussels, Studio RKM).

His career was launched at the recording of Ça Plane Pour Moi. Then he embarked on a number of projects for the RKM label and joined the team at Studios ICP in Brussels.

Phil Delire is a major figure on the French and European musical scene, and has recorded/directed all manner of French stars, such as Alain Bashung, Noir Désir, Indochine, Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine, Zazie, Renaud, Claude Nougaro, Raphaël, Charlélie Couture, Bernard Lavilliers, Marc Morgan, La Grande Sophie, Maurane, Jean-Louis Aubert, Philippe Lafontaine, Cascadeur, Les Elles, Viktor Lazlo and Hugues Aufray, and international stars, such as Zap Mama, Youssou N'Dour, Philip Catherine, Marc Moulin, Khaled, Mory Kante, BAP and Johnny Clegg.