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Felice Reggio

Trumpeter - Conducting

  • For many years I've been using a whole range of clip-on mics for trumpet and bugle, but I've never been entirely satisfied with the result.

    Finally, and it's thanks to my friend Louis Atzori, the drummer, I've found what I'm looking for in the Prodipe Lanen SB21. I've fallen in love with the quality and consistency of the sound, which is as pure as its source. And the SB21 softens the noise from the valves much better than any other mic. I'm impressed with the fantastic sound and I've been recommending it to all my colleagues - professionals and non-professionals alike.   

    I can hear the notes as they really are. No more distortion.

    Many thanks to the Prodipe technicians for designing this superb mic.


Felice Reggio, who was born in 1960, obtained his trumpet playing diploma at the Guiseppe Verdi Conservatoire National in Turin. In 1987 he joined the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers before going on to learn the techniques of film score composition with LUIS BACALOV, who composed the Academy Award winning best original score for The Postman.

He then specialised in music information technology at the Niccolò Pananini Conservatoire with Gianni Capobianco as his teacher. He also toured in Italy and abroad, sometimes as an artist in his own right (trio, quintette, big band), sometimes as a guest player with orchestras.

Over the last few years he has expanded his work into composing, arranging and conducting. He recorded his first album (quartet), Clara, in 1985, and has composed numerous jazz, pop and film score pieces. He edited the score for Chet's Romance in 1988, and recorded the album, I Remember Chet, with Nicola Stilo in 1991. In 1995 he recorded the album, Trois pour Chet, which was favoured by the critics.