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Michaël Canitrot

DJ and producer

  • When I play in clubs internationally renowned in private evenings or during the Festival de Cannes, I am very picky about quality of material used.

    In my studio, I use the system Monitoring Prodipe Pro5 + Subwoofer Prodipe Pro10S because it fully meets my requirements. 


Michaël Canitrot is a French DJ producer, but also organizer of events, especially with the creation of the itinerant evenings So Happy In Paris, which take place regularly in Parisian venues: L'Olympia, Le Queen, Les Bains Douches or the first floor of the Eiffel Tower.

An incurable globetrotter,
Michael Canitrot won't hesitate to travel the world in his search for new collaborations. Passport in hand, his recent productions have taken him from Paris to Los Angeles, London and Amsterdam, where he hoped to track down the perfect voice to perform on his new tracks.

And since his sold-out concert at the Paris Olympia in late 2013, Michael Canitrot is undoubtedly on the move. An exciting milestone in his music career, and an important challenge for the musician, achieved with the help of a team of thirty people, it has reinforced his decision to put forward his own creations and to conquer new territories. Two electro hits followed, "forever young" and "chain reaction", taking him to the decks of clubs across the world, from Ibiza to brazil via tokyo, and placing him in the charts, as well as on the playlists of major radio stations.

A "revelation" that still can't overshadow Michael Canitrot's incredible career so far. Since his early childhood, which he spent in rummaging through his father's record collection, the dj/producer has dreamt of BPM and decibels. Barely an adult, he was already hitting the decks of the biggest parisian nightclubs, from the queen to the iconic bains douches. In the process, he created his own club night, the famous "so happy in paris". They were a resounding success, transcending the parisian scene and catching the attention of the Cannes film festival, where he took over the soundtrack for the famous red carpet, and stayed there for the next ten years. At the same time as his work in the clubbing world, where he naturally takes centre stage, the dj's work has also caught the eye of luxury brands, who will happily hand over the controls of their most exclusive events (dior, chanel, cartier, dolce & gabbana, l'oreal...). There's little doubt that Michael now has all the credentials he needs as he jumps into the deep end of music production.

Blazing a trail for an entire generation of musicians, and not one to shy away from a challenge, Michael Canitrot is building his career like one of his precious sets: step by step, consistently and insatiably for his one true love: music.