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Jean-Luc Escriva


  • As a singer and choral director I'm always on the lookout for the 'must have' mic. Recently I had the chance to try out PRODIPE's range and I was pleasantly surprised by the accurate sound reproduction. Even better, the mics are great looking, solid and they feel really good.

    The value for money is excellent as well.

    I can't speak highly enough of these mics - quality products available to a maximum number of people and nothing to fear from the bigger brands.


Met with Stevie Wonder in Paris. His first album was made with Larry Gittens (Stevie Wonder's tumpet player), Claude Salmiéri, Manu Katche, Bernard Paganotti, Michel Gaucher, Bernard Arcadio, André Ceccarelli and Stevie Wonder himself on the harmonica.

Had 2 singles produced by Mischa Aznavour /Djanik Music/the Expand Music group.

Singer and choral director for Wonderlove (Stevie Wonder's band), Kool and the Gang, Vanessa Paradis, Richard Gotainer and Henri Salvador.

Creator/producer of radio jingles and advert music (Chérie FM, Hollywood Chewing Gum, Muratti).

Currently very visible on the net and in the process of recording a new album with song titles such as 'J'ai envie de respirer' (I need to breathe), 'Un monde plus juste remix' (A fairer world remix) and 'The girl I saw yesterday'.