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Boris-Clément Sève

Artist Producer & Director

  • I've been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to test Prodipe's STC-3D MK2 mic on various instruments in a recording studio-type environment. What hit me most was the quality of the sound from the percussion instruments. For years I've been working with multi-instrument percussionists, and the STC-3D MK2 is a real bonus for today's sound engineers.

    Recording percussion instruments is far from being straightforward. It's common practice to change the mic setup nearly every time the musician shifts from one instrument to another. Whether it's the tabla or the darbuka, the riq, daf, cajon, rainmaker or egg shaker, the sound from the STC-3D is always accurate, the drumbeats are dynamic and the mic adapts to the specific frequency range for each instrument. And this level of performance is possible because of the STC-3D MK2's versatility: it has a low cut filter switch, a -10dB pad switch and three choices of direction (uni/omni/bidirectional).

    So it was no surprise to me at all when this excellent quality was maintained for previously recorded vocals, electric guitar amp recordings, and live recording of acoustic guitars, acoustic pianos and stringed instruments. And if you add another STC-3D MK2 for room ambience and a Duo A1 for overhead miking, you'll really get why Prodipe have established themselves as the least expensive of the major brands.


Behind the enigmatic name of Ckleris are 4 musicians around the artist and producer Boris-Clément Sève.

At the first beginning his challenge takes place in Montreal Canada where Boris-Clément collaborates with French artists as writter and musician.

Named « Nord-Sud » the first EP explores themes like, love, exil and separate in a rock univers songs.
Available since the 4th of December 2015 this first opus offert with several clips.

On the melody of the title « Pour Le pire Et Le Meilleur » the band realize the first video clip in augmented reality to brouse in an interactive way thru the videos.

To illustrate « Les Filles Du Soir » the band choosed to turn towards the esthetic of the experimental cinema of the 70's in a 16mm film, using abandonned reels of that period. IPE Music, partner of the band offering tools support and sharing the news of the band.

« A progressive Rock music with a note of electro (...) Deep and poignant textes carry by a sensitive and aerial voice. »

Between Paris and Montreal Ckleris plays in many places for concert in live.


  • Boris-Clément Sève succeses in violin class of the Conservatoire with a golden medal. Ckleris is a mix from his christian name and his surname. (prononce « Cklerisse »). Ghislain Leclant. He is a composer for films. He composed such music for short films on the 66 and 67th Cannes Film Festival, Category « Short Corner ».
  • Clément Garcin. He formed « Sweet Swing Trio ». He is a teacher of guitar. He plays at the theatre. He is Gerard Philippe's grand son.
  • Jimmy Top. He got the degree from the American School of music. His father Yannick Top worked with Johnny Halliday as an artistic director and bass guitar player for ever 25 years.
  • Alexis Salmiéri. He participated in many recording for Tv and cinema. His father is the famous music arranger Claude Salmieri (M. Berger, F. Gall, Renaud).