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Marc Bercovitz

Composer - Arranger

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Marc Bercovitz , a man of many talents : an immense creator partitions, ingenious music composer of all kinds especially for film, arranger and orchestrator great demand for many artists .

Marc Bercovitz was born in Paris in 1955. He first studied piano at the age of 5, then came percussion, an instrument of choice with which he won numerous awards, including a first Conservatory Prize. Over the years he perfected his skills in harmony, counterpoint, instrumentation, arrangement and composition, and graduated from the Berklee College of Music in Boston.

He then founded his own school of modern music, the BMS, which was taught at the Paris Opera. Even if music has always resonated in him as a matter of course, much more than a passion, he does not forget his daily learning as well as his development.

Note that today and since 2006, he joined the very closed circle of rare composers hand-picked in Los Angeles by the famous David Blumberg, mythical arranger of titles such as "I will survive", and discoverer of monuments such as Michael Jackson, Franck Sinatra, Tina Turner, Quincy Jones ... An active collaboration with the American musical elite...

Rare distinction for a French composer.