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Michel Françoise

Artist - Producer - Director - Musician

  • Listen to Prodipe's PRO 5 active speakers: even though I've been using them regularly for quite a while, I still can't get over the quality. They're small, but the bass is impressively large and not too 'wobbly'.

    Using these speakers means that I can keep on top of a mix, especially the balance of the instruments, and even more especially, instruments like the bass drum and bass guitars. They're amplified, and when called on, they give out a decent amount of sound.

    All the input sockets are there (RCA, 6.35 Jack (balanced) and XLR) along with a volume control. Put simply, all the advantages of a big name product at a great price. They back up my main studio monitors, and I have to say, it's always a pleasure to listen to the mix on the PRO5s.

    They haven't let me down yet!



Michel Françoise is a writer/composer, guitarist, and artistic director. His recording career has seen seven solo albums made between 1988 and 1996 with the likes of Sony and EMI, followed by self-produced albums between 2009 and 2014. Alongside this career sits his artistic direction on, for example, the albums of Francis Cabrel.

His recording debut was with the punk rock group, Kremlin which he founded in Nérac after a variety of musical experiences in and around the Paris area (his home town is Evry in the Essonne). The Kremlin period stopped immediately after the release of the group's one and only album: Anna Color, published by Phonogram in 1982.

Then began his prominence as a writer/composer, which took him from rock music to French 'chanson' and frequent appearances on RTF Télévision 2. His songs, such as Un jour and On s'était dit were also being played on the radio.

At the same time, he was guitarist on several of Francis Cabrel's albums and co-wrote the music with Francis for C'est écrit.

At the beginning of the 2000s, he moved towards artistic direction and set up 3 Label with Sébastien Bramardi and Francis Cabrel so that they could act as producers for up and coming stars. He produced albums for Eric Ginhac, Le Manège Grimaçant, Daguerre, Stéphane Mondino, Duo-Grim, Sorel, Gagarine, and Serge Lopez.

His most recent and most famous artistic direction is on Francis Cabrel's latest albums: Des Roses et des Orties, Vise le Ciel and In Extremis (musical direction, artistic coproduction and musician), and Souad Massi's album: Ô Houria (direction, writing/co-writing several of the songs, arrangements and musician). In 2014 he composed and recorded the score for Alexis Masbou, la fureur de vaincre, which was directed by Fred Astié. He also directed a number of shorts (Mobile Home, L'Hôtel Borgne, Devant mes jolis yeux with the help of his friends: Daguerre, Gagarine, Alexis Masbou and Francis Cabrel). In 2009 he self-produced his first album, En surface voit le jour, followed by Deux Mondes in 2013 and Le Troisième Hémisphère in 2014 (self-produced under the name La Vision du Périscope).