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Davide Tosches

Musician - Director

  • Over a three month period I tested the Lanen Ribbon 1 in my studio. I compared it with my other ribbon mics using the same instruments and the same vocalists. I also compared it with my regular dynamic mics and condenser mics.

    What hit me most was the quality of the harmonics and the low frequencies - they were full and clear as a bell. The Ribbon 1 is definitely the most versatile mic I've ever handled. Now I use it every day in the studio, with any instrument and any vocals.


Davide Tosches was born in Turin in 1974. A multi-talented instrumentalist and innovator, he recorded autoprodotto Stressmog! (2006), then Dove l'erba è alta (2009), Il lento disgelo (2012), and Luci della città distante (2014).

He has worked with numerous performers from the Italian music scene and abroad, either as a musician, illustrator, photographer or graphic designer. His songs often make reference to nature, but the lyrics steer clear of the type of clichés found in other environmental songs.

He also founded Contro Records in 2009. The label only publishes instrumental tracks or tracks sung in Italian.

In 2013 he opened "Confine del Bosco", his recording studio, at Cavagnolo. Here he has recorded Giancarlo Onorato, Hugo Race and Catherine Graindorge, Dead Cat in a Bag, and Mariano Deidda, amongst others.