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Mateo Relief vs Mister X5

Producer experimental music

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"Mateo Relief vs MISTER X5" is a bit like Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde but in music. Two different but complementary facets: Mateo Relief is the cheerful and lively side, and, MISTER X5, rather the darker and melancholy side.

Mateo came to love music at a very early age, influenced by his music-mad father and inspired by Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, Brian Eno, Tangerine Dream, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Klaus Schulze and many more.

In 1987 he discovered computer and synthesiser music, which he taught himself on Korg and integrated into his projects.

He created the MISTER X5 character, whose style was Dark Ambient Experimental. As MISTER X5, he and the cyberpunk, Kenji Siratori, released several EPs on a German label. With Detroit techno and the WARP label as major influences, he began to compose tracks with more of a deep and driving rhythm.

Having taken this new direction, he coined a new pseudonym for himself, Mateo Relief. He has released several EPs with the Yuko Record label.

Recently, Mateo Relief v MISTER X5 has been working on short projects with the producer, Jay Viallet. Mateo uses the Studio 22 Pro sound card and the Pro Ribbon 8 studio monitors.