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Julien Collier

Manager of Fux Prod studio

  • Because of Prodipe I've been able to start my own professional studio on a very tight budget.


Director of Studio Fux Prod, Julien Collier is also a director, artistic director, consultant, composer, arranger, sound designer, sound engineer (studio & live) and musician (studio & live).

The FUX PROD complex is a recording studio, a composing room, a rehearsal space, over night accommodation for major projects and a mobile version of the studio.

We work with independent producers, businesses, organisations, labels, major recording companies  (Universal, Warner)

A team that includes trained professional musicians, composers, sound engineers, a communication expert, video producers, motion designers, graphics designers, web developers, an acoustic design firm, concert halls, a sports coach, sponsors (Thirdeye/Custom 77, Prodipe) and partners from record labels and voluntary groups.

We accompany our customers from start to finish: creation, rehearsal, recording, visuals, marketing, concerts and tours.

We give advice on getting started, the music business, sound, staging a show, releasing a single.

  • Creation: composition, arrangement, sound design.
  • Studio: recording, publishing, mixing, mastering. Mock-ups, pre-production, instrumental backing tracks, samples/backtrack vocals for TV, radio, web. Live track mix (studio, concerts, rehearsal).
  • Live: on-the-spot mixing (live, in-situ, events). Backline, sets. Live recording (live, in-situ, rehearsal). Mixing, editing, final studio touch-ups possible.  
  • Conception: wireless in-ear monitoring system. Sample/backtrack system for live recording. All-in-one lighting system. Sound system (technical specs). Customised home studio rack.
  • Rentals: fully equipped rehearsal room (with or without sound engineer). PA for small events/concerts (up to 500 people). TUITION for guitar (acoustic & electric), drums, computer-aided composition, recording, mixing, PA, backline.
  • In partnership with arctic production (videos): singles (Recording a single in the studio + Video clip). Commercials (Video/motion design + sound design). Audio & video recording (concerts, showcasing, acoustic sessions)