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Manu Bertrand


  • The GL21 Lanen captures the warmth of an acoustic instrument, and its capsule helps it do what very few mics can: faithfully mirror the soul of the instrument.

    There was no way I wanted an intrusive mic stuck to my Model 00-21 1937 Martin guitar, so I opted for an easy-to-use, flexible mic. The GL21 stood out from the rest for its impeccable versatility and transparency.

    For me, the mic combination GL21 Lanen + UHF B210 DSP + Natural 6 amp is the perfect solution for transmitting the sound of my instruments, giving me naturalness and consistency at a more-than-reasonable price. 

  • The compact size and multiple functions of the electro-acoustic Natural 6 amp make it the ultimate combo for an acoustic multi-instrumentalist like me. I was impressed by the neutral sound, the power reserve and the ingeniousness of the settings. It's small, so it's a perfect travel companion for stage work or rehearsals.  

    A combination of the GL21 mic + UHF B210 DSP + Natural 6 amp is just right for my instruments. I get a natural, consistent sound at an incredibly reasonable price.

  • The UHF B210 DSP Duo gives me complete freedom of movement when I play one of my instruments. I can switch from my mandolin to my guitar in seconds without worrying about cables and settings. The depth of sound and soul is there for all to hear, and no hint of any signal loss. DSP technology is great at reproducing the true feel of my instruments.

    I was really impressed by the quality of Prodipe's UHF systems. The metal receiver and the bodypack are solid and easy to use.  

    A combination of the GL21 mic + UHF B210 DSP + Natural 6 amp is just right for my instruments. I get a natural, consistent sound at an incredibly reasonable price."


Guitar, Dobro, Mandolin, Banjo, Pedal Steel Guitar & Vocals

For over 20 years, Manu Bertrand, a multi-instrumentalist specialising in Bluegrass and Americana, has been sharing his palette of sounds live on stage or in the studio with performers from every walk of life. He has recorded with Shaka Ponk, Dick Rivers and Tom Frager in the studio. On stage he has played alongside Eric Bibb, the American blues singer, Jean Jacques Milteau, Tom Frager, Groundation (USA), Wayne Law (AUS) and many more. He is currently working with the American singer, Martha Fields, and the legendary Gildas Arzel.

A bit more than just country music.

Nowadays, this virtuoso multi-instrumentalist remains a powerhouse in the country music scene, but he's also received requests - on a more and more regular basis - to accompany some of the leading lights in French music, such as Tom Frager, Shaka Ponk and Gildas Arzel. He still finds time for studio recording between all the concerts and rehearsals. Or reeling off a few notes for an advertising campaign: you can hear him play the banjo on a TV advert for dairy products. 

Acclaimed by the stars

Performing in front of an audience is still his main purpose in life. He has done the tour of the big venues, like the Olympia in Paris, while playing alongside the big names, like Jean-Jacques Milteau, Eric Bibb and Groundation. You can also see him at lots of well-known festivals across France and Europe, which means that his dobro, his banjo, his mandolin and his pedal-steel are becoming more and more familiar. He has even been on TV with Michel Drucker and Antoine de Caunes.

An artist on the move

He travels the highways of France and Europe, and flies off to Morocco, Australia and the USA. Hopping backwards and forwards between Austin, Texas and Bordeaux with Martha Fields Galloway, the American singer and composer, has opened up a whole new set of horizons, some near, some far. Folk and country music have merged to set his instruments on fire and keep the public crying out for more.

Despite his way-too-busy schedule, he's always able to squeeze in some time for his travelling companions, like Erik Sitbon, Wayne Law and Mary Reynaud.