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Santiago Arias


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Talented bandoneonist Santiago Arias is one of the rising values ​​of Argentine and international music.

Born to a mother from Buenos Aires and a father from Tucumán, Santiago Manuel Arias was born on May 4th 1988 in San Salvador de Jujuy and raised in Tilcara, a village in the Quebrada de Humahuaca, on the northern edge of Argentina. There, he first became familiar with music by playing the bombo legüero (drum) and later, the guitar, with the instruction of his parents.

He studied the piano for a period of his childhood, then electric bass, and later he would get started on the bandoneón with Juan Carlos Marín, in the province of Salta.

He left Jujuy at 18 years old and settled in Buenos Aires to undertake academic studies in the Manuel De Falla conservatory, later dropping out in his 4th year to continue to study independently and with private teachers.

He studied with Dino Saluzzi, César Franov, Juan Carlos "Mono" Fontana, Diego Schissi and Frido Ter Beek (Netherlands).

In 2014 he edited his first solo album "FUELLISTO", (solo bandoneon, argentinian folk) (2nd place FONDO NACIONAL DE LAS ARTES-2013)

In 2015, again with the 2nd place of the FONDO NACIONAL DE LAS ARTES-2015, he edited the album "CRIOLLO" of the Dúo Arias Castro duet (along with Sebastián Castro on guitar).

He ascribes most of his musical formation to the experiences he shared and the things he learnt from the musicians with whom he shared his passion, from his childhood to the present day.

Nowadays, he is a teacher in the EMPA (School of Popular Music of Avellaneda) in the subjects Folk Bandoneon I, II and III of the advanced cycle.



  • Currently: he is a part of the group "La Cangola Trunca" along with Hugo Maldonado, Mariano Agustoni and Quintino Cinalli; the duet "Dúo Arias Castro" with Sebastián Castro; the argentinian folk group "Fraternidad Norteña"; the music and argentinian folk dance troupe "Hacha y Tiza", of which he is co founder together with Daniel Pascual; and is a steady member of Dominic Miller's band, with whom he's toured Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, England, Bulgaria, Denmark, Poland, Japan.
  • 2019: he played with Dino Saluzzi in Café Vinilo in december of this year.
  • 2018: recording of the album "Absinthe" (for the german record company ECM of Manfred Eicher), belonging to the english guitar player and songwriter Dominic Miller; with Manu Katché (France), Nicolas Fizsman (Belgium), Mike Lindup (England) and Dominic Miller (England).
  • He took part in the recording of the album "33, Falta Envido y Truco!" of the famed argentinian folk artist El Chaqueño Palavecino.
  • 2016: with the Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional, as solo bandoneon in Gerardo Jerez Le Cam's cantata, "Las voces del silencio" with Mihai Trestian (Cymbalon, Moldavia) and Iacob Maciuca (violin, Romania), with the direction of Mariano Chiacchiarini.
  • 2016: with the orchestra KASHMIR, directed by Patricio Villarejo.
  • 2016: duet concert with the famed pianist and composer Carlos "Negro" Aguirre.
  • 2014: he was a part of Quintino Cinalli's stable group.
  • 2009-2014: he took part in the tango orchestras "Misteriosa Buenos Aires", "Orquesta Típica Almagro" and "Orquesta Típica San Osvaldo".