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Benjamin Flament


  • We immediately find a very precise and balanced quality of reproduction. I really appreciate the transparency of this microphone.

    The STC-3D MK2 is very versatile, I use it in several configurations (vocals, percussions, small objects for sound banks).

    In short a great microphone!

  • DRM-KD: Great sound and very good response.

    I recorded several bass drums, a very serious one, I immediately found the bass, sub limit that I was looking for and a more punchy, on which I immediately obtained the dynamics, the precision and this combined with nice bass.

  • I use the A1s in overheads for various percussion instruments. 

    Their versatility is enormous. The frequency response is wide with nice highs. 

    At the end of the day, they're simple mics that get the job done at least as well as the most prestigious products on the market! 


At the head of his Metal-O-Phone trio or with the Coax collective which brings together the best of the new contemporary French scene, Benjamin Flament, virtuoso of vibraphone and percussion trained at the Paris Conservatory, is able to propose promising projects of a relevant creativity and always happily unbridled: Radiation 10, Les Bonbons Flingueurs, White Light ...

After classical studies at the ENM of Nevers, then Créteil, Benjamin Flament was destined for jazz and entered the CNSM in Paris where he obtained the DFS in 2008.

In 2008, the linchpin of the Coax collective, he began to perform on the vibraphone with Radiation10 (1st orchestra prize of the Defense competition in 2007), Metal-O-Phone (elected Jazz migration 2011 by AFIJMA, selection 12 points + ), but also with Hasse Poulsen "We are all americans", in duet with Clément Janinet.

In 2012, Benjamin Flament was selected for the 1st Take Five Europe program. In constant research, he has made an instrument made up of a multitude of metals (gongs, abajours, squares, bowls, houndstooth, scratched cymbals ...) that he processes through electronics.

It is with this instrument that he currently performs, in particular with Vegan Dallas, Sylvain Rifflet "Mechanics" (Elected best album 2016 with the victories of jazz), Magnetic Ensemble, in the theater piece by Emily Loizeau "Mona", Théo Ceccaldi / Fantazio "Peplum"

He has also performed with Michel Portal, Henry Texier, Han Bennink, Franck Tortiller's ONJ, Thomas de Pourquery, Peter Brotzman ...