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Jean-François Moreau

Sound engineer

  • The VL21-C is the mic I've been waiting for.

    A faithful capture of the color of the instrument. The violinists who at the end of the balance listened to their sound amplified by these microphones were all won over.

    Bravo Ludovic Lanen and Prodipe!

  • The CL21 shouldn't need to be talked about, just listen to it.

    No more nasal cellos. This microphone respects the range in which it plays and respects the woody timbre of this magnificent instrument. 


Sound engineer of Christine and the Queens, Liz Cherhal, Six Eight, Rockline, street Chamaan, Mask Ha Gazh...

Born in 1969 in Alençon, Jean-François Moreau grew up in Nantes and developed a passion for sound technologies very early on. At the age of 14, he made his first mixing console by assembling and modifying different diagrams that he found in specialized magazines.

During his studies in audio-visual, he spent time in a recording studio in Nantes "Sarabande", a franchise of Studios du Chesnay, He was recruited at the end of his studies as an assistant in this studio and quickly found himself behind the console to record and mix different groups which will lead him to finalize certain projects in Paris in prestigious studios such as the Studios of the Grand Army, PlusXXX ... He also made the trip during this period to set up a studio there. island of Reunion and help the sound engineers on site to develop the sound of certain artists.

He works on his return on various Parisian projects and returns to Nantes because it is decided, what he really wants to do now is to help by his experience of young local talents.

In 1991, he made the acoustic study, built and cables the Crescendo studio with the confidence of François Teillard and from this project will emerge some beautiful productions: Wild West, Michel Deshays, Philippe Katerine, Anna Karina, Olivier Gann, Muriel Robin and Pierre Palmade, 5.1 mix of the music for the film “the extra-terrestrial” by Didier Bourdon, Les Jambons, Bouskidou, Prajna, Johanna Manchec (Chorus-singer of Mylène Farmer and Johnny Hallyday)…

He mixes at the Mega studio the music of the unknown film "the Three Wise Men".

Musician also, he works on the arrangements and the realization of several albums ranging from Heavy metal to French song (Wild west, Olivier Gann, Jean-Marie Vivier ...).

At the same time, he also follows groups on tour (EV, Les Jambons, Soul Family) and gives sound to the Zénith de France with the group Ternil, whose work he recorded and mixed with Touchstone. He crosses the Atlantic several times to follow the artists who trust him.

In 2005, he joined forces with Eric Chauvière, producer of the groups “Elmer food Beat” and “Orange Blossom” among others. He will redo all the acoustics of the sound recording studio and will bring his experience as an electronics technician to optimize the studio equipment and ensure the maintenance of the equipment. He also records and mixes projects such as the 5.1 live performance of the group Wild West, the Littles Rabbits, Fiona Gélin, Olivier Gann, YMH, Albert Magister, Rudy Roberts, Bernie Hopman ...

A few years later, he decided to create his own working tool, a studio dedicated to mixing and mastering. He records sound in different studios in the Nantes region and mixes the projects he is working on in his own studio (Christine and the Queens, Liz Cherhal, Six Huit, Rockline, street Chamaan, Mask Ha Gazh ...).

He now works a lot remotely on the internet and has produced and mixed for example the Touch album with Bruno Pelletier (Notre Dame de Paris). He mixes Artists from Congo (Karel) or from Madagascar (Paskéro). He recently followed on tour Liz Cherhal whose last album he co-produced, recorded and mixed with Sony and is currently on the road with the group Uk on the rocks, personally endorsed by the microphone brand Prodipe which he chose the group's string quartet to sound.

In his rare moments of free time, he designs and manufactures peripherals at the request of groups (Dolly, Dionysos ...) and maintains studio equipment in the Brittany region (Arpège, Batiskaf, Tagada Jones studio).

He also trains technicians and sound managers as a sound referent within the professional training center "Staff" and tries to pass on to them the skills and values ​​to which he holds dear.