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Jérémy Dutheil


  • Until then, sounding my accordion in small places was a real headache; obliged, even solo, to take out a whole equipment: mixer, speakers, ...

    Thanks to Prodipe, I can now simply come with my Natural 6 acoustic combo, which easily replaces all the aforementioned elements. The sound is clear and natural, with a pretty incredible power margin.

    The different slices allow me to independently adjust right hand / left hand, and even add a microphone for transitions when necessary.

    Perfect !

  • I have been using the Prodipe AL21 Romanelli mics for years now, with great satisfaction.

    I have tried several competing models before, but none faithfully reproduce the sound of my accordion.

    Prodipe is strong with a very affordable price, and a sound closer to the acoustics !

    The various sound engineers with whom I was able to work are unanimous, and delighted with the quality of these mics.


Jérémy Dutheil is a complete French accordionist approaching a large musical universe, original and resolutely modern. From gypsy jazz to French song, including world music or the guinguette spirit, this versatile and passionate artist likes to touch all styles.


  • Lulled by music, Jérémy took his first accordion lessons at the age of 4; following a complete training including music theory, he learns to decipher the notes on a score before knowing how to read and write. Following regular classes with several teachers throughout his schooling, Jérémy participates in several ACF (Accordéon Club de France) competitions and internships at the CNIMA (National and International Center for Music and Accordion), under the direction of its famous director. Jacques Mornet.
  • In parallel, Jérémy is also interested in the piano and the guitar, instruments that he still plays today.
  • After high school, the music fades for a while in order to allow Jérémy to pursue higher studies; he joined UTC (University of Technology of Compiègne), where he studied computer engineers; he then takes the opportunity to get involved in associations, and works in particular to promote artistic actions within the school. Once his diploma was obtained in 2014, he decided to leave this scientific cap and live from his passion full time, settling near Paris, in Ile de France.
  • It was also at this time that he began to take an interest in jazz, as well as improvised music in general; today, Jérémy still takes lessons with accordionist Christian Toucas, as well as internship sessions at the CNIMA.
  • With these many experiences, Jérémy has a complete musical training (music theory, rhythm, ...) but also a capacity for improvisation and a sensitivity to many musical styles (jazz, Brazilian music, klezmer, ...).
  • It is on stage and in his various projects that he puts his knowledge to good use, and offers modern and original arrangements, coming from many influences (including essential French accordionists).


Musical projects and styles

  • Today, Jérémy Dutheil evolves mainly in the worlds of jazz and French song. He participates among others in a tribute show to Edith Piaf, Rue La Môme, and accompanies a young singer-songwriter, Marie Pétrolette.
  • On the jazz side, he is the leader of a gypsy jazz group; with his guitarist sidekick Solal Poux, they mainly perform as a duo but are sometimes joined by other instrumentalists (rhythm guitar, double bass).
  • At the crossroads of the two worlds, we find in particular the group MimE, an atypical formation (Guitar, Accordion, Hammond organ, Drums) which offers a song with texts carried by jazz arrangements.
  • Jérémy performs in public throughout France with his various projects, but is also present in the events sector; with solo, duo and up to quartet formulas, they offer various musical entertainment services for individuals and professionals.