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Lionel Suarez


  • I chose Prodipe for my accordions. The R.S.L Lanen in the studio and the AL21 Romanelli pack on stage.

    With the help of a friend, an excellent sound engineer, we compared them in the studio with other major reference brands, and it is clear that the AL21s did not suffer in any way from this experience.

    Except that the selling price is divisible by five and that I found the manufacturing quality of the accessories much more serious: case, wiring, connections ... It's up to you to hear it ...

    A big bravo and a big thank you to Roland, Ludovic and the entire Prodipe team for this great job.


Lionel Suarez is a French accordionist, born January 15, 1977 in Rodez, Aveyron. Coming from a family of musicians, he was naturally initiated into music and rhythms by his grandfather, drummer and accordionist, and his accordionist father.

Lionel Suarez is an accordionist
who likes to thwart omens. He knows all the spells of virtuosity and flair, he wraps up the waltz and languishes melancholies with a science that we thought had been lost since the death of the old shamans of the musette. But he also knows how to invent mid-season skies, tropical swells and northern tundras.

Free musician, prodigal, traveler, he sometimes poses the accordion and goes on to the bandoneon, the piano, the bass, the percussions. He composes, he brings together, he assembles shows which are at the same time or successively music, theater, audacity, vertigo.

Few instrumentalists have as much respect for words as he does, few musicians have such a passion for speech, few artists have such a respect for silence, withdrawal, restraint - with so many notes, phrases, galloping. in his accordion.

Should we be surprised at the length of his CV? We saw him in a show for two with André Minvielle, in companionship with Richard Bona, Sylvain Luc, Didier Lockwood, Bumcello, ONJ, Laurent Cugny or Sixun, behind the songs of Claude Nougaro, Zebda, Bernard Lavilliers, Harry Connick Junior, Roberto Alagna, Charles Aznavour, Georges Moustaki, Sanseverino, Olivia Ruiz, Allain Leprest, Yael Naim, or Véronique Sanson, behind the words of Jean Rochefort or Jean-Pierre Coffe ...

And should we be surprised that he is leading so many adventures simultaneously? He presents Leprest - an unknown pacifist - with the singer Jehan, creates the show Piaf the intimate being with Clotilde Courau, the Gardel quarteto in the company of the trumpeter Airelle Besson, the cellist Vincent Segal and the percussionist Minino Garay. And he also performs solo or in duet with Pierre-François Dufour or Airelle Besson ...