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Tom Scott

Musician - Arranger

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    You can feel the passion and the desire to make quality sound…

    The neutral and clear PRO 8 V3 speakers allow me to have a 3D view of the sound space in my mixs.

    For voice recordings in pop music, I use the Lanen STC-3D MK2 microphone which immediately provides a warm, detailed, very pro sound with incredible value for money!


Tom Scott is a musician, keyboards and drums, and also arranger and director.

Tom Scott began classical piano at the age of 6 and then became interested in synthesizers and programming as a teenager, playing in local bands as a keyboardist.

At the age of 20, he began self-taught drums, also feeling attracted by this instrument, then auditioned and began to play in musical groups of all styles, pop, rock, progressive, afro, funk. He learns very quickly and multiplies the meetings.

He performs on stage and in the studio with a thirst for learning and creating songs in radio format. He then tried his hand at composition and arrangements and began to gravitate around the world of audio production. As a producer and musician his influences range from French variety to international pop, rock, electro, jazz, film scores.

In 2011 he met the group Inverted Poles and got involved in their production with a very promising and encouraging English pop album.

In 2013 he created his music label, Ionsyl Records and collaborated with French and Anglo-Saxon artists (Paris, London, Los Angeles).