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Yannick Duhamel

Guitarist - Singer - Author - Composer - Arranger

  • Comfortably installed in the habits and cosy comfort of beautiful studios, formatted to the usual high standards of historical brands, I was unaware of the very existence of the Prodipe brand. Combining circumstances, here I am, one fine day, with one of their microphones in my hands, the STC-3D MK2 Lanen. That's pretty good, I just have a few electric and acoustic guitars to record for the music of the new Breitling commercial. A good opportunity to see, in real conditions, what this microphone has in the belly.

    In short, I was, that day, amazed by its efficiency. I could "ensure the sockets" by putting other well-known microphones (just in case), I found myself, at the time of the mix, to prefer and to choose the Prodipe! Today, I am conquered by the STC-3D MK2 and, firmly fixed on its stand, it very rarely sees its cases.

    Here is a brand, which is moreover French, able to offer, with a quality / price ratio defying all competition, a professional equipment of the most remarkable . No need to look elsewhere, it's a waste of time. And the time lost is time that we don't spend making music. I have to renew a pair of monitoring speakers soon and I already know that the first pair that will purr in my ears will be a pair of Prodipe.


Former member of the group Mes Souliers Sont Rouges, Yannick Duhamel pursues a solo career as a singer and guitarist.

"From red to pink"

Yannick Duhamel has been walking beside his pumps for a long time. Reds, of course! He lives in the center of the world ... sorry Mondeville -‐ Basse Normandie. His six-string guitar. Another obvious fact. Like him, she is a great traveler. She has long mastered the rich and varied accents of folk, Cajun, rock and even jazz music. When Yannick Duhamel's fingers caress the six strings of his guitar, soft and simple melodies emerge. Cheerful or sad, these melodies are always endearing. This is how anyone who crosses the path of Yannick Duhamel and his guitar may find himself subsequently whistling one of the tunes he has just heard. You will understand, Yannick Duhamel composes alone.

Like his music, his words remain naive and direct. They are the reflection of his “ordinary poetry”. Doubt, carelessness, the desire to do battle, nostalgic renunciation are all themes addressed by this modern troubadour who tells us without artifice the snapshots of everyday life.

As her guitar sometimes feels very lonely, Yannick Duhamel gathered around her a few companions at the ICP studio in Brussels, the time to record a first solo album. Another guitar, electric this one, held by Geoffrey Burton. A bass guided by Nicolas Fiszman. A piano, keyboards played by Philippe Decock. And necessarily a battery; that of Mario Gossens in this case. It was the Belgian director Erwin Autrique who was responsible for collecting the fruits of these promising associations.

As words are a source of sharing for certain songs, Yannick Duhamel has crossed the swords of his melodies with the chiseled texts of authors who are dear to him: Alana Filippi, Chet, Yvan Coriat.

As the mixing of voices and colors is a source of wealth, Yannick Duhamel invited his friend Lokua Kanza to leave the Congo and to come and sing with him in his studio in Normandy. It is on his land that he, this time, composed, recorded and produced this seed which has become "A tree", mixed once again by Erwin Autrique, and which will tour the world this year by becoming the official French-speaking international anthem of the London 2012 Olympic Games for RFI.

Even if Yannick Duhamel has been walking beside his pumps for a long time, he does not walk alone. And he walks proud and convinced.