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  • Clément Petit


    Clement PETIT is, first and foremost, an avid cellist hungry for now sounds and artistic encounters. He is eager for collaborations and new musical contexts, and enjoys mixing things up to throw the listener off-guard with his eclectic creations.

    Clement PETIT is, first and foremost, an avid cellist hungry for now sounds and artistic encounters. He is eager for collaborations and new musical contexts, and enjoys mixing things up to throw the listener off-guard with his eclectic creations.

    He is one of those musicians constantly seeking to reinvent their instruments by developing techniques, using new musical languages and rewriting the rules.

    Raised in a diverse and community-based Parisian banlieu, he would be immersed in a world of Afro-American, Caribbean and electronic music, before throwing himself into contemporary and improvised music.

    Petit’s vision of music is very large, he would claim these influences as his own and as such he has his own highly personal sound: he knocks down the walls of genre and allows the many different sounds to mingle and interact freely.

    Whether it be as a cellist or as a composer/arranger/producer, it’s within this optic that he undertakes his projects, diversifying formats and experimenting with all sonic aesthetics without discrimination.

    After starting a classical musical education with cellist Roger Loewenguth at the age of five, Clément PETIT would orient towards singing and musical improvisation. Passionate about Afro-American and Carribean song, he would lead his projects, up until 2002, primarily as a singer and composer. Alongside his personal projects he would first enrole at the American School of Modern Music, then transfer to the jazz department of the Conservatoire National De Région (CNR) of Aubervilliers-La Courneuve. He received awards in both institutions respectively in 2004 and 2007.

    He underwent a personal adventure in adapting his instrument to music « with a pulse », beginning with jazz and then moving on to the many other genres he loves: funk, afro, afro-cuban, latino, rock, punk and more.

    Petit actively seeks collaboration and while the following list is by no means exhaustive, he has in the past worked with artists from all over the musical spectrum, including: Pierre Blanchard, Romane, Richard Bona, Coax, Pierrejean Gaucher, Xavier Phillips and artists from the world of popular music: Aloe Blacc, Ala.ni, Ben l’Oncle Soul, Blick Bassy, Olle Nymann, Blundetto, Nicolas Jules, Blackjoy, Lisa Papineau…

    Donny Hattaway, Nina Simone, S.Wonder, Gil Scott-Heron, Roy Ayers, J.L.Hooker, D.Gordon, C.Mingus, Coltrane, A.Ayler, O.Coleman, Dave Douglas, Tim Berne, Zorn, D.Holland, Kartet, S.Coleman, Ligeti, Maessian, Dutilleux, S.Reich, Schubert, Pink Floyd, the Velvet, the Clash, Bowie, Talk Talk, Tom Waits, Nick Cave, the Kinks, E.Costello, James Blake, Bon iver, Jazzanova, Danny Krivit, G.Peterson, MAW, Fania (…), Baden Powell, Chico Buarque, Jorge Ben, Fela, A.F.Toure, Bonga, LKJ, Third World, Culture, K.Boothe, B.Marley, Ijahman, d’Angelo, N.e.r.d …


  • Damon Sawyer

    Sound Engineer - Producer

    In the British Studio Platform, Damon Sawyer collaborated with the following musicians : Frank Tontoh (Amy Winehouse / Craig David ) , Smiley ( Archive / Robbie Williams) , Bernie Marsden ( Whitesnake / Ringo Starr ) .

    Most recently Damon had the pleasure of working with legendary Blues producer Mike Vernon (Fleetwood Mac, Eric Clapton, John Mayall and Level 42), creating two albums for German crossover Blues label Ruf Records. The first for Oli Brown recently announced as the 2010 British Blues Awards 'Male Vocalist of the Year' and 'Young Artist of the Year' on his current album 'Heads I Win, Tails You Lose' and the second album 'Shine' by Dani Wilde recorded and mixed by Damon Sawyer. Both of which are currently receiving rave reviews.

    As well as being the Head Engineer/Producer at Platform Studio, Damon is a professional drummer who has toured and recorded throughout Europe, Brazil and Canada. Some of the artists he has had the pleasure of working with include Paul Rogers, Bill Wyman and the Rhythm Kings, Ben E King, Pee Wee Ellis, Paul Jones, Sam Moore, Albert Lee, Sandy Newman, Bernie Marsden, Sonny Black, Chip Hawkes, Graham Lyle and Chicago Blues artists Dave Spector, Deitra Farr, Jimmy Dawkins and Mojo Buford.

    Damon has also recorded numerous BBC sessions for Radio 2 at Maida Vale for the Paul Jones Blues Show.


  • Dani Vargas


    Solo acoustic player as well as electric instrumentalist.

    Dani Vargas was born and raised in Santiago, Chile by artistic and musical parents.  Influenced and inspired by the art and music present at home, Dani began playing the guitar at the age of 16.  He embraced the guitar with passion and decided to move to the U.S. to further pursue his musical endeavors. 

    After relocating to Houston, TX, Dani began teaching private lessons at several schools and guitar shops.  While teaching and refining his tone and technique, he recorded and toured with the progressive metal band ‘Magistral‘. 

    In 2009 Dani began to explore acoustic finger style music  that would later result into the acoustic project ‘Aerial Visions‘. 

    In 2011 he embarked upon a solo career with the instrumental trio ‘The Dani Vargas Group‘ and released two EP’s, followed by the full length album ‘Sound On Canvas’.  With the desire to expand creatively, Dani began singing and writing riff inspired rock songs for the project ‘Thou Shall Doubt‘.  Today Dani lives in Los Angeles, CA where he continues performing, recording as a solo acoustic player as well as an electric instrumentalist.

    In January 2018 Dani released his first solo acoustic fingerstyle album entitled 'Love',  and he is currently getting ready to release by April 2019  a new acoustic record, in collaboration with multi-talented Violinist Jenna Colombet, as well an electric rock Ep with his band in March 2019.


  • Davide Tosches

    Musician - Director

    Davide Tosches has been influenced by many people in his life, both music and non-music people: Bruce Cockburn, Jim White, Grieg, Joe Henry, Piero Ciampi, Edward Hopper, Dino Buzzati, Eugène Delacroix, Martin Luther King, Frank Sinatra, Gesù Cristo, Smog, Lenny Bruce, Andrea G. Pinketts, Megadeth, and Duke Ellington.

    Davide Tosches was born in Turin in 1974. A multi-talented instrumentalist and innovator, he recorded autoprodotto Stressmog! (2006), then Dove l'erba è alta (2009), Il lento disgelo (2012), and Luci della città distante (2014).

    He has worked with numerous performers from the Italian music scene and abroad, either as a musician, illustrator, photographer or graphic designer. His songs often make reference to nature, but the lyrics steer clear of the type of clichés found in other environmental songs.

    He also founded Contro Records in 2009. The label only publishes instrumental tracks or tracks sung in Italian.

    In 2013 he opened "Confine del Bosco", his recording studio, at Cavagnolo. Here he has recorded Giancarlo Onorato, Hugo Race and Catherine Graindorge, Dead Cat in a Bag, and Mariano Deidda, amongst others.


  • Denys Lable


    Denys Lable is a French guitarist. He accompanied in the studio and on stage many artists of French music including Julien Clerc, Michel Jonasz , France Gall, Francis Cabrel .

    Denys grew up in a family of musicians. He had his first guitar at the age of 12 and started his first group 'Les Shows' with his brother Richard at 17.

    It was the swinging sixties and Denys became a passionate admirer of the blues rebirth taking place in England (The Animals, John Mayall, Eric Clapton) and the African-American music scene (Jimi Hendrix, John Stax, Motown). At this time he was attending the Ecole Boulle in Paris. After a short period with the 'Sharks' and an unforgettable concert at the Winter Olympics in Grenoble as the opener for Steve Winwood, he played with 'Trust' and 'Mat 3', as well as making the odd appearance for 'Calcium' alongside Stéphane Vilar and Zouzou. His last group 'Torpédo' was formed in the early the 80s.

    1970 and 1971 were very important years in Denys' career. One of his best memories of studio recording dates from that time - Lani Hall's song with composer Michel Colombier for the album 'Wings'. He also began a long partnership with Julien Clerc with whom he went on tour in France and around the world.

    1974 saw him record Julien Clerc's 'Terre de France' album at La Métairie with a live band. His arrangements for 'N°7' a year later have remained some of his best work. He also met Jean-Claude Vannier and through him began to work with Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin amongst others.

    In 1977 he performed at Le Théâtre de la Ville with Michel Jonasz and this spelled the beginning of a very productive period within Gabriel Yared's team. When he talks about the recording of the 'Guigui' album which includes 'En v'la du slow, en v'la' (So you want to dance slow), 'Les années 80 commencent' album (The 80s have started) which includes '25 piges dont 5 au cachot' (5 out of 25 years in a cell) for Michel Jonasz, and the 'Gin Tonic'/'Musique saoûle ('Soul' music)' albums for Françoise Hardy, it was obviously a milestone for him.

    In the 80s and 90s he was involved with the likes of Davout, Ferber, La Grande Armée, Gang, Plus30 and Face B.

    He experienced some strong emotions in these 'temples of sound' along with the highs and lows of 'live'. Many artists sought out his talents.

    With Paul Scemama he produced his first album, 'Crystal Hotel', with the singles 'Late Nite' and 'Mosquito's Mambo'.

    In 1989 the 'Sarbacane' (Blowpipe) album came out, kicking off a long collaboration with Francis Cabrel, both on stage and in the studio. At the same time he was working in the MB School on 'Tycoon', the English version of 'Starmania', especially 'Only the very best', sung by Peter Kingsley. He also worked on the 'Dion chante Plamandon' (Dion sings Luc Plamandon) album and the 'Double Jeu' (Playing both sides against the other) album with the singing duo of Michel Berger and France Gall.

    In 1993 he remained with France Gall for her concerts at Bercy and the memorable follow-up 'J'ai besoin de vous' (I need you all) tour.

    In 1994 he worked on Francis Cabrel's eighth album, 'Samedi soir sur la terre' (Saturday night on earth), and the 'Crapou/Lable' album with Gérard Kawczynski and some musician friends. The jointly sung cover of 'Red river blues' really stood out, leading to other blues-based projects.

    His travels to Montreal to record with Roch Voisine, Robert Charlebois, Jeff Smallwood and Patrick Norman made a strong impression, not forgetting his participation on '23am' from Robert Miles' 'Heatwave' album.

    He also enjoyed going back to his roots with the 1990 'Rock'n Roll Show' tour. It was an amazing time for him to revisit 50s rock with Francis Cabrel and the legend that is Dick Rivers.

    At the request of Jean-François Foucault, the director of the Parisian 'Jazz at Albret' festival, he gave a one-off concert in July 2000 with Bertrand Lajudie, Eric Séva and the Paganottis (father and son). Not long after this he threw himself into the 'Autour du blues' (Around the blues) project.

    Spurred on by the producer Eric Basset, and supported by Michaël Jones and Patrick Verbeke, he organised a concert to honour guitarists and blues music. Jean-Jacques Goldman, Dick Rivers, Francis Cabrel and Paul Personne were some of the big names who headlined the event, which led to a double CD in 2001. More concerts and recording sessions would follow. His last big event was the celebration of the New Morning club's 25th birthday in 2007, which featured Larry Carlton and Robben Ford. It was a real pleasure for him to unearth some of the blues 'gems' and Motown hits and give them a 21st century feel. And it would not be right if we did not mention his work on Valérie Cicco's 'Quelle belle ville' (Beautiful life) album, Patrick Verbeke's 'Echos d'Acadie' (Echos of Acadia) album with the 'Coeurs solidaires' (Hearts as one) single, and Soldat Louis' 'Itineraires' (Itinerary) album.

    Unfortunately it is impossible to list all the other artists, musicians, arrangers, sound engineers, places, studios, home studios that have enabled him to achieve so many hits.

    Denys knows that some of his work will live on, and he can be mighty proud when he hears Albert Lee/Mark Knopfler's version of 'Disappearing nightly', the Spencer Bohren song that he played on and recorded in Astaffort, the home of Francis Cabrel.



    JURIJ LIOTTA aka DJ JURIJ is an Italian DJ , producer, sound engineer and professor Apple Logic Pro.

    JURIJ LIOTTA aka DJ JURIJ is an Italian DJ, Producer, Sound Engineer, and Apple Logic Pro Teacher. He is operating the Royal Beat Records studio facility in Rome and is the official remixer of major artists like Steve Angello, Ian Carey, Dr. Kucho!, and John Dahlback. Jurij's experience as dj and producer is founded on collaborations with major labels such as Superstar Recordings, Universal, Universo Media Group srl, Warner Chappell, Kontor, HitMania, and many more.

  • Ellis Hall

    Singer - Song writer

    Ellis Hall is a multi-instrumentalist virtuoso who possesses a vocal style that commands attention in its diversity and depth.

    Ellis Hall is a multi-instrumentalist virtuoso who possesses a vocal style that commands attention in its diversity and depth. Born in Savannah, Georgia, Ellis moved to Boston at the age of five, where he began his musical career, and has been on a direct course for success ever since.

    His first release as a solo artist was a version of the Motown smash from the 60's "Every Little Bit Hurts." His talents were showcased nationally and internationally with the Ellis Hall Group, opening for many top performers such as the Temptations, Earth Wind & Fire, Herbie Hancock, the Spinners and Natalie Cole.

    Ellis was featured as lead vocalist on the debut hit single, "What Does it Take," from the Kenny G. multi-platinum "Duotones" album and joined the soul-stirring hit group Tower of Power as lead vocalist and keyboardist, culminating that stint with his co-production and song-writing prowess on their album, "Power." He had enormous success as one of the California Raisins with their platinum album, "The California Raisins Sing the Hit Songs," and a gold album, "Christimas With the California Raisins."

    He has also lent his vocals and/or performed with such diverse artists as James Taylor, Warren Hill, George Duke, Michael Sembello, Huey Lewis and the News, Bo Diddley, Taj Mahal, Freddie Hubbard, Bobby Kimball and ToTo, Jason Scheff of Chicago, Bobby Womack, James Ingram and Stevie Wonder.

    Adding to his credits are a series of movie and television soundtracks as well as a variety of International radio and television jingles. He appeared in the award winning ABC TV show, "The Wonder Years"; performed vocals in "New York Undercover", Fox TV; "NYPD Blue", ABC TV; "Hercules", a Disney feature film; "Lion King II", Disney Home Video; DreamWorks animated feature film, "Chicken Run", singing the title track "Flip, Flop and Fly"; on screen as the organist in "Big Momma's House", with Martin Lawrence, a 20th Century Fox feature film; singing on screen in a scene with Tom Hanks in the Steven Spielberg movie by DreamWorks, "Catch Me If You Can", and his current films, "Bruce Almighty", Universal, "A Day Without A Mexican", Universal/BMG and "Polar Express", Warner Bros.

    In 2003, for Camille Cosby's New Visionary Leadership Project honoring Mr. Ray Charles, Ellis performed "You Don't Know Me" at the Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C. Ellis has also performed at The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Millennium Stage, for his Leadership in Arts and Disability. He also performed a salute to Ray Charles at the Kennedy Center Honors Week-end.

    At the Recording Academy's Inaugural Grammy Jam, in 2004, Ellis was featured in a rousing salute to Earth Wind & Fire and in 2005 he celebrated the Music of Stevie Wonder. He was also a featured performer in the Keb Mo Christmas Special, at Disney Hall, Los Angeles. In January, 2005, on the Bob James Showboat Cruise to Mexico, he was featured in several vocal duets with Michael McDonald and sang lead vocals with Tom Scott's LA Jazz All-Star Band.

    In February 2005, Ellis Hall was featured at Concord Records Grammy Party which was later shown on the BET Special "Jammin' For Ray". In May 2005 he was featured along with Brian McKnight at The Revlon Run/Walk For Breast Cancer at the Los Angeles Colliseum and in August 2005, he performed with a host of stars in a commemoration for the 75th birthday of Ray Charles "A Night With Concord Records" at the Hollywood Bowl presented by the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association's Jazz at the Bowl series.

    Ellis' colorful statements instrumentally and vocally can be found on his widely acclaimed debut solo album The Spirit Lingers On, a musical journey of highly inspirational soul featuring 12 original songs.

  • Eric Séva

    saxophonist and composer

    Séva, an internationally acclaimed French saxophonist, owes his creative thirst to a singular personal journey.

    Séva, an internationally acclaimed French saxophonist, owes his creative thirst to a singular personal journey. Unsurprisingly, his compositions illustrate his constant need to cross-pollinate and interbreed styles and cultures. Memories also hold a place of importance in Eric's music, in a constantly evolving personal world marked by his travels. Eric inherited this love of new horizons from his father. A musician at heart, Séva Sr. worked as ametal turner in a factory during the week and traded his overalls for a stage costume on the weekend at local dances. Music was so much at the heart of Eric's education that picking up an instrument seemed natural, and his father presented him with a recorder in 1969, at the tender age of five. By the mid seventies, Eric has traded his flute for a saxophone. This buoyant period saw the aspiring musician hone his melodic and harmonic skills with his father's band in local dance halls while pursuing classical studies at the Paris School of Music.

    When most artists close their ears to popular tunes, Eric saw them as a way to communicate, as an inspiration that nourished his composing skills, eventually helping him launch his career in the jazz field at the end of his school curriculum. Cartoonist Jean Cabu, one of the victims of the recent Charlie Hebdo killings who happened to be a neighbor of the Séva's at the time, was instrumental in perfecting Eric's jazz education. Eric's encounter with Dave Liebman in 1989 was another decisive moment in his life. Within months, he had moved to New York in order to learn under the saxophone master who comforted him in his vision of the universality of music. Eric Séva has followed this motto ever since, while remaining faithful to his love of dance and rhythm when he writes. Although improvised music clearly was his priority -- as proved his tenure with the French National Jazz Orchestra from 2005 to 2008 --, Eric used the studio as a proving ground, appearing on dozens of albums by the likes of Didier Lockwood, Chris Réa, Thomas Fersen, David Krakauer, Celine Dion, Henri Salvador, Michel Legrand, Sylvain Luc, Khalil Chahine, as well as international pop sensation Zaz with whom he recently made a world tour.

    Eric's interest in jazz has always been stirred by his love of freedom and hybridization. Eric typically widened his creative spectrum in 2005 when he recorded his first album, Folklores imaginaires, in which he explored the art of composing and improvising to the tune of his interior rhythm. His next recording, Espaces croisés, was hailed by critics four years later; Eric daringly showcased in it his mastery of the whole sax family, from the soprano to the baritone, asserting his creative independence in the way he projected his sound.

    Several projects have followed since: Danse avec Bartók, Confluence (a translation for quartet and symphonic orchestra of Eric's desire to trigger a fruitful confrontation between the jazz and classical worlds), the Nomade sonore album (2015), which reminds us that its creator is a traveler at heart; in the near future, a tribute to the blues that will showcase Eric's wish to reincarnate the blue note and its heritage.

    Like the world of dreams, Eric's musical realm is a translation of his imagination that transcends his relationship with the listener, making it possible for audiences to travel in his wake. And travel they do, with blissful glee.