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Our audio equipment has been designed to meet the needs of musicians and sound professionals. And that's why so many performers, sound engineers and music schools have taken the decision to use our products every day. They have embraced the Prodipe philosophy and signed up to the Prodipe adventure. 

  • Jean-Félix Lalanne

    Guitarist - Composer

    Jean-Félix Lalanne is a guitarist, songwriter and film composer

    When someone mentions the career of Jean-Félix Lalanne, "extremely gifted guitarist" is the phrase that invariably comes to mind. He had his first guitar at 11 and was performing solo concerts within the year. He even shared a stage with Marcel Dadi who would later become his mentor. This collaboration brought the two of them to the Olympia itself in 1988.

    At 14, after an album recorded in public, Jean-Félix joined the ranks of the elite guitarists at the Guitar Academy in Marseilles. Shortly afterwards he obtained his Licence de Concert for classical guitar and began teaching at the Academy.

    At 17 he undertook his first musical project - an original and complex solo album which included nocturnes, waltzes, and some of Chopin's chants polonais.

    His musical prowess did not stop there. He studied the art of orchestration, something which has always held a fascination for him. He also became an arranger/producer (Bonnie Tyler, Chimène Badie, Maxime Leforestier, Hélène Ségara, Lara Fabian and Amaury Vassily).

    It was only natural that his first symphony saw the light of day when he was just 20 years old. The 'Symphonie Romantique' was performed by RTBF's Philharmonic Orchestra during the guitar festival at Liège (RTBF is a TV/radio broadcaster for the French speaking community in Belgium). Other concertos and symphonies would follow - some were performed at festivals in Europe and the USA.

    After this came a period of industry-wide recognition: in 1986 he was nominated for the soundtrack of 'Le Passage' (The passage), starring Alain Delon, at the 'Victoires de la Musique' (French music awards ceremony), then in 2004 for René Manzor's 'Dédales' (Labyrinth). In 2010 he was appointed Chevalier in France's Ordre des Arts et des Lettres.

    Here was a man who could turn his hand to anything: conductor, instrumentalist, composer, writer, arranger and producer. He was effectively defining a musical path for himself that would be impossible to pigeonhole.

    To date, the artist for whom "playing is like the beating of a butterfly's wings" has recorded over 26 albums. He has crossed guitars with the likes of John McLaughlin, Larry Coryell, Chet Atkins, Jerry Reed and Doc Watson.

    Over the course of his collaborations, Jean-Félix Lalanne has never stopped experimenting with new ideas. After bringing together a host of singers and musicians for his 'Autour de la guitare' (Around the guitar) album with Polydor, he decided to organise a concert of the same name. It was not only that some of the greatest singers and guitarists from all over the world were on the bill, it was the fact that there were also dancers, comedians and artists, making it an event that was appreciated by both the spectators and the performers alike.

    The autumn of 2007 marked a turning point for the 'Autour de la guitare' concept with the release of a TF1 (French television channel) DVD box set containing recordings of the 2003, the 2006 and the 2007 concerts. The concerts of 2008 and March 2011 would in turn be released as videos.

    In 2005 his passion for symphonic music caught up with him again. He wrote 'La Symphonie Astrale', a new orchestral piece consisting of 12 movements, each representing the signs of the zodiac. The originality of this symphony stood out because of its soloist trio of harp, piano and of course, guitar. After writing parts for the instruments of the Shanghai Chinese Traditional orchestra, he performed the piece alongside Lyon's Symphony Orchestra during a tour of China.


  • Jean-Luc Escriva


    Author , composer and performer Jean -Luc Escriva cultivated Pop Folk style and works a bit like a craftsman. When he records his tracks , he never does the same for both instruments as choirs . It makes no copy / paste !

    Met with Stevie Wonder in Paris. His first album was made with Larry Gittens (Stevie Wonder's tumpet player), Claude Salmiéri, Manu Katche, Bernard Paganotti, Michel Gaucher, Bernard Arcadio, André Ceccarelli and Stevie Wonder himself on the harmonica.

    Had 2 singles produced by Mischa Aznavour /Djanik Music/the Expand Music group.

    Singer and choral director for Wonderlove (Stevie Wonder's band), Kool and the Gang, Vanessa Paradis, Richard Gotainer and Henri Salvador.

    Creator/producer of radio jingles and advert music (Chérie FM, Hollywood Chewing Gum, Muratti).

    Currently very visible on the net and in the process of recording a new album with song titles such as 'J'ai envie de respirer' (I need to breathe), 'Un monde plus juste remix' (A fairer world remix) and 'The girl I saw yesterday'.

  • Jean-Philippe Viret

    Musician - Double bassist - Composer

    Jean-Philippe Viret is a jazz double bass composer

    Has played alongside lots of musicians of his day (Emmanuel Bex, Simon Goubert, Marc Ducret) as well as the 'old masters'  (René Urtreger, Georges Arvanitas, Michel Graillier) and soloists from abroad (Lee Konnitz, Bill Carrothers, Dave Liebmann, Kenny Wheeler, Youn Sun na).

    Played in Stéphane Grappelli's trio from 1989 to 1997.

    1998 saw the first of the Viret Trio concerts (with Edouard Ferlet /piano, Antoine Banville, then Fabrice Moreau/drums). The trio have recorded 7 albums and given concerts in France and around the world e.g. New York, Montreal, Japan, China and South Korea.

    First nominated in 2003, the trio were awarded the Victoires de la Musique award for best instrumental ensemble in 2011. The seventh album, 'l'ineffable', was released in January 2015. Jean-Philippe Viret also directs the Trio, 60% de matière grave (with Eric Seva/ Bass saxophone, Michel Godard/Tuba) and Supplément d'Ame, a string quartet (with Sébastien Surel/violin, David Gaillard/viola, Eric-Maria Couturier /cello).


  • Jean-Yves d'Angelo

    Pianist - Film music composer

    Jean-Yves d'Angelo is a pianist, and composer of film scores.

    Since studying music theory at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris, and piano playing/ conducting  at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris, Jean-Yves D'Angelo has accompanied the best of French singing talent in the studio and live: Michel Jonasz, Eddy Mitchell, Jean-Jacques Goldman, Patrick Bruel, Julien Clerc, Florent Pagny, Liane Foly, Charles Aznavour, Maxime Le Forestier, Catherine Lara, Johnny Hallyday, Alain Souchon, Laurent Voulzy, Francis Cabrel, Zazie, Maurane, Alain Chamfort, Bill Deraime, Michel Delpech, Julie Zenatti, Natacha Saint-Pier, Amel Bent, Daniel Levi, Les 10 commandements, Les Restos du Cœur, Sol En Si, etc.

    At the same time he has recorded instrumental albums under his own name, two of which won prizes at Les Victoires de la Musique. Now he spends his time composing and conducting film scores, and directing the music for shows.


  • Julien Collier

    Manager of Fux Prod studio

    The FUX PROD complex is a recording studio, a composing room, a rehearsal space, over night accommodation for major projects and a mobile version of the studio.

    We work with independent producers, businesses, organisations, labels, major recording companies  (Universal, Warner)

    A team that includes trained professional musicians, composers, sound engineers, a communication expert, video producers, motion designers, graphics designers, web developers, an acoustic design firm, concert halls, a sports coach, sponsors (Thirdeye/Custom 77, Prodipe) and partners from record labels and voluntary groups.

    We accompany our customers from start to finish: creation, rehearsal, recording, visuals, marketing, concerts and tours.

    We give advice on getting started, the music business, sound, staging a show, releasing a single.

    • CREATION: composition, arrangement, sound design.
    • STUDIO: recording, publishing, mixing, mastering. Mock-ups, pre-production, instrumental backing tracks, samples/backtrack vocals for TV, radio, web. Live track mix (studio, concerts, rehearsal).
    • LIVE: on-the-spot mixing (live, in-situ, events). Backline, sets. Live recording (live, in-situ, rehearsal). Mixing, editing, final studio touch-ups possible.  
    • CONCEPTION: wireless in-ear monitoring system. Sample/backtrack system for live recording. All-in-one lighting system. Sound system (technical specs). Customised home studio rack.
    • RENTALS: Fully equipped rehearsal room (with or without sound engineer). PA for small events/concerts (up to 500 people). TUITION for guitar (acoustic & electric), drums, computer-aided composition, recording, mixing, PA, backline.
    • IN PARTNERSHIP WITH ARCTIC PRODUCTION (VIDEOS): singles (Recording a single in the studio + Video clip). Commercials (Video/motion design + sound design). Audio & video recording (concerts, showcasing, acoustic sessions)


  • Julien Schultheis

    Drummer - Singer - Keyboardist

    Julien comes from a long line of musicians (Jean Schultheis is his father and Olivier, his brother). As a child, he continued in the family tradition by attending percussion, piano and theory classes.

    His professional career began in the best way possible: he played drums with the orchestra at the Folies Bergères for Alfredo Arias' show, Fou des Folies.

    Next he went on tour with Jane Birkin, Au Petit Bonheur, Frédéric Lo, Amok, Zazie, Raphaël, and Christophe Willem (musical direction).

    Julien has been drumming for ten years, but he also plays keyboards, for example, while on tour with Zazie. After directing Hélène Ségara's album, he began composing film scores for TV and cinema: Z comme Zemour (directed by Henry-Claude de la Casiniere), Nadia Coupeau, dite Nana 1 and 2, with Lou Doillon (directed by Edouard Molinaro), Irène, with Cécile de France (directed by Yvan Calberac), Wasabi, with Jean Reno and Michel Muller (directed by Gérard Crawczyk).

    He has worked in the studio with various performers (keyboards, drums and programming): Raphaël, Zazie, Christophe Willem, Indochine, Mikael Winter, Luc Besson, Patrick Bruel, Mud, Amok and Hélène Segara.


  • La Souris Déglinguée

    Rock band

    La Souris déglinguée (LSD) is an alternative French rock band. They first appeared in 1976, a street band from the Paris suburbs, led by their singer, Tai-Luc, and they're still going strong. With a repertoire which embraces musical and cultural eclecticism, they have gone from punk to 60s rock, and from la Oi! to dub via rap and rock'n'roll, covering all manner of topics such as Vietnam and the former communist outskirts of Paris.

    La Souris Déglinguée (LSD) have forged their reputation on stage, but they've also been a favourite of the critics, like Laurent Chalumeau, from the magazine, Rock&Folk1, who has supported the group since the beginning of the 1980s, and Philippe Manœuvre2.

    LSD's first 'official' concert was in Sarcelles in 1979, and their first single was funded by friends.

    Since 1983, the group have constantly innovated, showing no hesitation in blending other musical styles, for example, they incorporated brass, accordion and female vocals on the album Aujourd'hui et Demain. Reputed for having one of the strongest and most vigorous fan bases in France, the International Raya Fan Club (I.R.F.C.), LSD write songs filled with poetry and melodies that reflect their fans' experience of being on the periphery and Tai-Luc's quasi-obsession with all things Vietnamese and Asian.

    In December 2005, they released Mekong, their 15th album, and in 2006, the album/DVD Live au Glaz'art.

    In 2009, the album, As-tu déjà oublié ?, mixed by Rémi Berger, was released by Clandestines3 (Rémi Berger has been mixing LSD's recordings since 1980).

    On Saturday 23rd January 2010, the group celebrated their 30 years together in the boulevard Voltaire at Bataclan, Paris.

    In 2012, LSD played at the Midi festival in Shanghai and Beijing under the name of fengkuangzhishufaguoyuedui (疯狂之鼠法国乐队).

    In 2014, their psycho jazz could be heard at New Morning, in the chapel at Fresnes Prison, and during the French/British streetpunk festival at Boqueho. In the final months of 2015, their concerts in Toulouse, Perpignan and at Chez Paulette in Toul, have been setting the scene for Musicorama Lysergique at the Olympia in Paris on Saturday 9th May.