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Prodipe boasts a great range of professional multi-purpose mics for vocals, singing, sound systems, studio and live. Our mics are packed with all the knowledge and expertise that Ludovic Lanen, first choice sound engineer for many stars, and Claude Salmièri, renowned drummer, have at their fingertips.  And their input has given us wired and wireless mics at incredibly low prices.

  • Pack A1 duo new

    A1 Duo

    A new generation of condensor Professional Microphones for Studio and Live recording. The A1 Duo is a pair of pencil condenser mics, equally at home in the studio and on stage.

    Perfect for stereo recordings of acoustic instruments and vocal groups.


    129,00 € vat incl.

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  • Pack BL21 new

    BL21 Lanen Contrabass

    A totally new range of instrument mic systems for recording all your acoustic instruments live. The BL21 Lanen Double Bass has been designed for double basses.


    109,00 € vat incl.

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  • Pack BP21


    Battery pack/48 V for Series 21 Instrument mics. The all-metal, completely insulated BP21 Battery Pack comes with a 9 volt battery compartment to power any of the instrument mics from our Series 21: GL21, SB21, Bl21, CL21, VL21, PL21, DL21, AL21.


    59,00 € vat incl.

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  • Pack CL21 new

    CL21 Lanen Cello

    The CL21 Lanen Cello has been designed for cellos and provides a very high acceptable sound pressure level. 


    109,00 € vat incl.

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  • Pack DR8

    DR8 Salmiéri drum mic pack

    The brand new Claude Salmiéri drum mic pack has been designed to ensure that the sound of your playing is reproduced with maximum accuracy.  


    329,00 € vat incl.

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  • Pack DRM-KD prodipe


    Microphone for percussion instruments, bass guitar amps, djembes, trombones, tubas and many more.



    99,00 € vat incl.

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  • Pack M85 new

    M-85 Lanen

    An absolute must for vocalists. The M-85 is strong, versatile, and fitted with an anti-shock copper mesh.

    59,00 € VAT INCL.

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  • Pack iMic Prodipe

    Prodipe iMic

    Adapts to a range of situations: podcasting, reporting, singing individually or with a group, playing an instrument, etc. It's time to move beyond your phone's built-in mic and record with a professional quality. Supports a large number of apps with min

    29,00 € vat incl.

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