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Prodipe boasts a great range of professional multi-purpose mics for vocals, singing, sound systems, studio and live. Our mics are packed with all the knowledge and expertise that Ludovic Lanen, first choice sound engineer for many stars, and Claude Salmièri, renowned drummer, have at their fingertips.  And their input has given us wired and wireless mics at incredibly low prices.

  • New

    Facing pack B210 Solo GB210


    Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology ♦ Wireless system for electric guitar and bass guitar ♦ One activ cable B210 DSP ♦ One UHF B210 Solo ♦ Greater wireless stability and precision ♦ Excellent natural sound



    199,00 €

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  • Pack iMic Prodipe

    Prodipe iMic

    For smartphones and tablets ♦ Podcasting ♦ Reporting ♦ Singing individually or with a group ♦ Playing an instrument....


    29,00 €

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  • Pack RSL


    Double Stereo Microphone ♦ Warm and very natural sound ♦ Manage very high sound level ♦ Delivered with its suspension and case


    399,00 €

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  • Pack SB21 new

    SB21 Lanen Sax & Brass

    Cardioid mic for sax and brass instruments ♦ Anti vibration clamp ♦ Great adjustability and stability ♦ Excellent natural sound


    109,00 €

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  • Pack ST1 new

    ST1 Lanen

    Uni-directional electrostatic mic ♦ For studio and live ♦ Excellent response for voice and instruments



    119,00 €

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  • New

    STC-3D MK2

    STC-3D MK2 Lanen

    Professional mic for live and studio recording ♦ Uni/bi/omni directional ♦ For voice and instruments ♦ Smooth and neutral




    229,00 €

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  • Pack TT1 pro new

    TT1 Pro-Lanen

    Dynamic mic ♦ Same as TT1 without switch on/off ♦ Exact reproduction of the voice ♦ Perfect for exacting singers, conference speakers, presenters and entertainers




    39,00 €

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  • Pack TT1 Instruments

    TT1 Pro-Lanen Instruments

    Dynamic mic for instruments ♦ For live and studio recording ♦ For acoustic instruments ♦ Well balanced mic with a high output level




    39,00 €

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  • Pack TT1 new


    Professional dynamic mic ♦ Perfect for vocalists ♦ High out put level ♦ Well-balanced



    39,00 €

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  • Facing pack B210 Duo

    UHF B210 DSP Duo

    Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology ♦ Two UHF bodypacks with channel display screen and easily accessible mute button ♦ BNC antenna ♦ Balanced XLR output ♦ Unbalanced Jack output ♦ LED lights




    249,00 €

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  • New

    Facing pack B210 Headset Duo

    UHF B210 DSP Headset Duo

    Wireless headset system ♦ Cardioid capsule for singing and vocals ♦ DSP circuit ♦ Automatic IR search ♦ 2 x 50 UHF frequencies ♦ Adjustable headset mics




    279,00 €

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  • New

    Facing pack B210 Headset Solo

    UHF B210 DSP Headset Solo

    Wireless headset system ♦ Cardioid capsule for singing and vocals ♦ DSP circuit ♦ Automatic IR search ♦ 100 UHF frequencies ♦ Adjustable headset mic




    189,00 €

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