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Prodipe boasts a great range of professional multi-purpose mics for vocals, singing, sound systems, studio and live. Our mics are packed with all the knowledge and expertise that Ludovic Lanen, first choice sound engineer for many stars, and Claude Salmièri, renowned drummer, have at their fingertips.  And their input has given us wired and wireless mics at incredibly low prices.

  • GL21 (boite 3D détourée) - Juin 2021

    GL21 Lanen Acoustic Guitar & Ukulele

    Developed under the direction of Ludovic Lanen, the GL21 Lanen microphone is specially designed for the recording and sound reinforcement of acoustic guitars, ukuleles, mandolins and dobros.

    Equipped with an electret cell capable of handling 140dB, it will capture all the dynamics and nuances of your playing.
    Its great linearity will perfectly respect the timbre and the sound of your instrument.

    Particular attention has been paid to attaching the microphone to the instrument. Equipped with two clamps specially designed for guitars, ukuleles, mandolins and dobros, the GL21 will allow you to face all situations.


    109,00 €

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  • M-85 (boite 3D détourée) - Juin 2021

    M-85 Lanen

    An absolute must for vocalists!

    Strong, versatile, and fitted with an anti-shock copper mesh. Like almost all of Prodipe’s mics, it has been finished in rubber paint, giving an extra comfortable grip and improved noise reduction when handled.


    59,00 €

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  • MC1 (boite 3D détourée) - Juin 2021

    MC-1 Lanen

    The microphone that sings with Francis Cabrel "When I did it, Ludovic Lanen tells us, I also thought of voices like Francis. A vocal microphone not colored, a fine and detailed image. Result, he has it. chosen! "

    Dynamic and uni-directional vocal microphone with exceptional neutrality. The Prodipe MC-1 Lanen will respect and enhance the grain and color of your voice.


    99,00 €

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  • PL21 (boite 3D détourée) - Juin 2021

    PL21 Salmiéri Percussions

    3-mic pack for recording all your percussion instruments: congas, bongos, djembes, cajons, timbales, rototoms, tambourines, tablas, batas, goblet drums, bendirs, bodhrans, toms, snare drums, tambors, surdos, talking drums, udu, steel drums and many more.




    229,00 €

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  • R.S.L (boite 3D détourée) - Juin 2021


    Double Stereo Microphone: a warm and very natural sound for purists. Manage very high sound level. Delivered with its suspension and case


    399,00 €

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  • SB21 (boite 3D détourée) - Juin 2021

    SB21 Lanen Sax & Brass

    A very high admissible sound level, an electret cell capable of handling up to 140dB!

    Developed under the direction of Ludovic Lanen with the assistance of the talented saxophonist Patrick Bourgoin, the SB21 Lanen Sax & Brass microphone is dedicated to alto saxophones, tenor saxophones, trumpets, trombones, tubas, horns and all brass ...

    It will capture all the dynamics and nuances of your playing. In addition, its great linearity will perfectly respect the timbre and tone of your instrument. A very faithful response, a sound of exemplary naturalness and an easy and fast assembly!

    Particular attention has also been paid to attaching the microphone to the instrument.


    129,00 €

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  • TT1 (boite 3D détourée) - Juin 2021


    This Microphone is a real phenomenon!

    Already more than 500,000 copies sold throughout the world!

    Well balanced with a high output level, the TT1 is ideal for all those who want a faithful reproduction of their voice: singers, speakers, presenters, animators ...


    39,00 €

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  • TT1-PRO (boite 3D détourée) - Juin 2021

    TT1 Pro-Lanen

    A variant of the TT1, the TT1 Pro - Lanen does not have a switch on/off for an optimal use on stage. Well balanced with a high output level, it will suit both exacting singers, as well as conference speakers, presenters and entertainers.


    39,00 €

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  • TT1-PRO INSTRUMENTS (boite 3D détourée) - juin 2021

    TT1 Pro-Lanen Instruments

    A microphone with straight sound. "A dynamic that collects, very close to the M88 Beyer but at a much lower price!" Specifies Ludovic Lanen.

    Specially designed for instruments, the TT1 cartridge, associated with a double crossed grid, has been specially designed for recording and reproducing the sound of acoustic instruments such as stringed instruments, wood, wind, guitars and percussion, either live or in the studio.


    39,00 €

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  • V85 (boite 3D détourée) - Juin 2021

    V85 Lanen

    Cardioid mic with a vintage look. Maximum impact and balance on stage and in studio.



    99,00 €

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