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Claude Salmiéri's latest album, '87th floor',

Claude Salmiéri's latest album, '87th floor', entirely recorded using Prodipe mics and mixed by Ludovic Lanen.

Claude Salmiéri has been one of the world's most prolific musicians over the last 30 years.

His drumming has cast its rhythmic spell on the work of a whole host of French and international stars: Michel Berger, France Gall, Véronique Sanson, Ray Charles, Lalo Schifrin, Marvin Gaye, Jean-Jacques Goldman, Francis Cabrel and plenty more, as well as on the majority of Vladimir Cosma's soundtracks. You can almost immediately recognize Claude's vibrant, captivating, you could even say, vital drumming, and his very distinctive method of playing, a method which has always been his.

But today we find him sitting at a piano, his number two instrument of choice, and this is no real surprise for those who are lucky enough to know Claude a little, because he is never short of inspiration, and always to be found where you least expect him. And when you listen to his new album, '87th floor', well, it goes without saying.

As soon as the very first notes begin, you are immediately transported to his magnificent recording studio, with its understated, softened elegance; he is there, playing, seeking out, finding, surrounded by his fellow musicians, six of France's colossal performers: Sylvain Luc on the guitar, Fifi Chayeb on the bass, Yvon Guillard on the trumpet, Irving Acao on the saxophone, and not forgetting Roland Romanelli with his accordion, or the youngest of the gang, but no less talented, Alexis Salmiéri on the drums..

And straightaway we recognize the process of musical fusion, a singularly creative style which Claude picked up over many years while working alongside Michel Berger. You may even find yourself drifting off in this jazzy ambience, caught up in the perfect harmony of a sound guided by the expert hand of Claude Salmiéri, he whose exceptional sensitivity has given us this wandering jewel, cut with modesty, emotion and memories.

Discover the spellbinding universe of Claude Salmiéri. He clearly has that little extra something, from who knows where, which makes all the difference. And the difference is so great that you will feel the need to climb with him, and the group, higher and higher, far beyond the 87th floor, to the sublime.