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New cardioid mic VL21-C

The VL21-C completes our range of instrument mic systems for on stage recording of all your acoustic instruments (also available: BL21 Contrabass, CL21 Cello, GL21 Acoustic Guitar and Ukulele, SB21 Sax and Brass, AL21 Accordion, DL21 Drums and PL21 Percussions).

The strengths of VL21-C Lanen Violin :

  • Excellent natural sound.
  • UHF compatible (with the PRODIPE UHF B210 SOLO or UHF B210 DUO systems - Sold separately).
  • Easy mounting.
  • Lightweight rubber clamp specific to the instrument.
  • Very high level of protection from instrument vibration.
  • Mini XLR to XLR connector adaptor ensures that the mic lead is properly positioned on your instrument (48V phantom power supply required for wired connection).


  • For more details on VL21-C: click here
Pack VL21-C