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Welcome to our new artist

Clément PETIT is, first and foremost, an avid cellist hungry for now sounds and artistic encounters. He is eager for collaborations and new musical contexts, and enjoys mixing things up to throw the listener off-guard with his eclectic creations.

Clément Petit uses our products on stage and in studio: the amp Natural 6 and the instrument mic CL21 Lanen Cello

"The Prodipe NATURAL 6 is really a very practical and versatile amp. This amp was totally designed for musicians!

The different types of XLR, Jack and RCA stereo inputs are ideal for a mix between the piezo and the air microphone or the sound of DI coupled to the microphone or even plays on playbacks. All possibilities have been thought of.

Equalizations are very effective, the selected work strips work perfectly with the cello which is not always easy to tame. The low frequencies are generous without any saturation or parasitic vibration.

I tried it also in rehearsal condition, as a supplement to increase the sound of the cello, it’s nice. If this is a context where the cello really has to do the bass sound, we are limited in power ... necessarily.

Conclusion, it is really a great tool to work or to go to work, it is compact, ergonomic and very easy to use. Whether it's to work, rehearse or play live in proximity amp, all for only 499 €, I highly recommend Prodipe NATURAL 6."

Natural 6 face

"I discovered the Prodipe CL21 with a lot of curiosity, being a user of other microphones dedicated to the cello but who were worth 4 times this price ....

I started by connecting it live in my sound card without any frills. By looking for the proper positioning of the microphone I quickly arrived at a perfectly balanced sound and thanks to the low-cutter integrated adapter very accurate in the low frequencies.

Whether in studio or on stage, the CL 21 ensures and I have one thing to say at that price is simply stunning."

CL21 prodipe