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TEST of the Prodipe A1 Duo / AKG C451 B / Neumann 184 mics by Michel Françoise

Comparative audio test of the Prodipe Duo A1 / AKG C451 B / Neumann 184 mics carried out by the very talented Michel Françoise

"Test conditions:

Each sequence is the same place, same guitar (JRK), same music, same tempo, same preamp, same musician... only the equalization changes (a little) according to my tastes.

Not being a machine it is possible, even very probable, that I do not play these few chords quite the same way in each take.
I simply and modestly wanted to give an idea of the rendering of these microphones, I leave it to your free will to do the rest. Good music !!...

Thank you dear Michel for your trust!
Michel Françoise uses and recommends Prodipe Audio & Guitars equipment : Prodipe A1 Duo


Click on the image to play the video

Michel Françoise VIGNETTE