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|EVENEMENT| UK ON THE ROCKS Our mics on stage at castle of the dukes of Brittany

Our PRODIPE microphones on stage on July 10 at the castle of the dukes of Brittany:

“The new cardioid version of the VL21 (VL21C) is just stunning!! No need to sell a kidney to add sound to violins with microphones of the brand usually requested or offered!! The VL, CL and BL series responds much better to all my expectations in terms of sound neutrality to then place all these violins in my mix with the accuracy adapted to the musical environment.

The drums also has sound with the extended Prodipe mics kit (3 DRM-KD mics more)!!!"

Jean-François Moreau
Sound engineer

Thank you dear Jean-François Moreau and Christophe Rossini (Tof Rossini) for your trust and loyalty!
See you soon... on stage... in this magnificent Castle!

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