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  • Festival à Onda 2

    Prodipe partner of the FESTIVAL A ONDA !!!

    "It is with great pleasure that we are partners of an event such as this. At a time when culture is once again in jeopardy and budgets allocated to emerging artists are shrinking again and again, we are once more proud to support this talented generation!!”

  • Couv Mix Down mag

    Natural 5 & 6 tested in Australia


    Review from Mix and Down mag.

    "Warm acoustic tones and very usable vocal sounds. Compact size and affordable pricing."

  • TT1 range - Mix Down Australia (SSPX)

    An efficient dynamic microphone range

    Mix Down Mag review

    "High fidelity output - Rugged construction - Extremely good value for money"

  • Clément Petit (accroche)

    Welcome to our new artist


    Clément PETIT is fan of its Natural 6 amp and instrument mic CL21 Cello Lanen.

  • PACK VL21-C - SITUATION (détouré) - Juin 2021

    New cardioid mic VL21-C

    Try out our new cardioid mic for violin and altos. The VL21-C is the cardioid version of the VL21 Lanen, equipped with the famous cell 21.