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Audio-midi Interfaces

  • Pack Studio 22+

    Studio 22 + interface

    USB AUDIO Interface: equipped with combined XLR/Jack input, stereo USB input and output, stereo output for monitoring and separate headphone output Usable with CUBASE, PRO TOOLS or any other software.


    89,00 € VAT INCL.

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  • Test asio 2

    Prodipe ASIO 2

    The ASIO Prodipe driver allows you to fully exploit your audio interface Prodipe through your audio recording (or DAW for Digital Audio WorkStation) software.

    ASIO stands for Audio Streaming Input Output and is a registered trade mark from Steinberg. ASIO, among other things, dramatically reduces the audio latency (the time needed by audio datas to "travel" between your computer and the audio interface used -and this is available for inputs as well as for outputs).



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