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Mics packs

Mics packs for every musicians. For accordionists: AL21 Romanelli. For drummers and percussionists: DR8 drum set and PL21 Salmiéri. For instrumentalists: wireless systems VL21 for violin, SB21 for sax and brass and GL21 for guitar and ukulele. And also in-ear wireless system IEM7120 and Headset 100 wireless mic. Professional quality for all.

  • Facing pack B210 Solo VL21-C - Juin 2021


    Keep the musicality of your violins and violas with the new UHF DSP VL21-C LANEN pack for a UHF sound closest to that of a wired connection.




    279,00 €

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  • PL21 (boite 3D détourée) - Juin 2021

    PL21 Salmiéri Percussions

    3-mic pack for recording all your percussion instruments: congas, bongos, djembes, cajons, timbales, rototoms, tambourines, tablas, batas, goblet drums, bendirs, bodhrans, toms, snare drums, tambors, surdos, talking drums, udu, steel drums and many more.




    229,00 €

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  • DL21 (boite 3D détourée) - Juin 2021

    DL21 Salmiéri Drums

    The 4-mic pack DL21 Salmiéri is intended for the sound reinforcement of toms and snare drums.

    It is equipped with four anti-vibration clamps and an XLR adapter.



    289,00 €

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  • AL21 (boite 3D détourée) - Juin 2021

    AL21 Romanelli Accordion

    Developed by the excellent Roland Romanelli under the direction of Ludovic Lanen!

    The AL21 Romanelli is a pack of three microphones, specially intended for the sound system of accordions and bandoneons.

    Equipped with an electret cell capable of handling 140dB, they will capture all the dynamics and nuances of your playing. In addition, their great linearity will perfectly respect the timbre and tone of your instrument.

    Special attention has been paid to attaching the microphones to the instrument.


    259,00 €

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  • DR8 (boite 3D détourée) - Juin 2021

    DR8 Salmiéri Drums mic pack

    The latest set of Claude Salmiéri drum microphones has been designed to reproduce your drumming performance with the greatest precision.

    "When a manufacturer is able to offer this quality with prices unequalled at this level of professionalism, I have to say, "Yes!"

    Claude Salmiéri



    359,00 €

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