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Wireless mics

Prodipe boasts a great range of professional multi-purpose wireless mics. Our mics are packed with all the knowledge and expertise that Ludovic Lanen, first choice sound engineer for many stars, and Claude Salmièri, renowned drummer, have at their fingertips. And their input has given us wired and wireless mics at incredibly low prices.

  • Pack TT100UHF SOLO prodipe

    TT100 Solo UHF Lanen

    The famous TT1 mic, now available wireless: 100 frequencies, finds and sets available frequencies automatically, straightforward, reliable and gives an excellent balanced voice performance for professional use.


    159,00 € vat incl.

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  • Pack Headset TT100UHF prodipe

    Headset 100 UHF Lanen

    The new Prodipe headset mic is specially designed for people on the move. It adapts perfectly to your morphology. Comfortable and light, it boasts a tailor made cardioid cartridge for singing and vocals.


    169,00 € vat incl.

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  • Pack TT100UHF DUO prodipe

    TT100 Duo UHF Lanen

    UHF system with 2 x 100 frequencies. Easy to handle and capable of adapting to any type of situation. TT100 Duo UHL Lanen is straightforward, reliable and it gives an excellent balanced voice performance for professional use.    


    229,00 € vat incl.

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  • Pack UHF Série 21 new

    UHF Series 21 Lanen

    Wireless System for Série 21 Instruments Microphones. Compatible with Série 21 intrument mics GL21 Acoustic Guitar & Ukulele, SB21 Sax & Brass, VL21 Violin & Altos and also CL21 Cello, BL21 Contrabass, PL21 Percussion.


    199,00 € vat incl.

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  • Pack IEM 7120

    In-ear monitors IEM 7120

    Prodipe have launched a new ultra-pro, in-ear wireless system, and it's affordable for all. What's the secret behind our exceptionally low prices? All our expertise goes into keeping prices as low as possible: fewer middlemen in the distribution chain, streamlined manufacturing costs and maximum impact, minimum outlay marketing budgets.

    The result: ultra-pro, affordable products that rival the best in the market. Trying is believing!


    359,00 € vat incl.

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  • Pack P2L Prodipe


    Micro cravate à connecter sur le body pack Prodipe.

    39,00 € TTC

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