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Ribbon Stereo Lanen (R.S.L) - Sound on Sound

The RSL stereo ribbon from French company Prodipe is a slimline design housing two ribbons positioned on top of each other at a 90- degree angle. A number of similar stereo ribbon mics are on the market, but what makes this one interesting for me is its price point. This type of mic is one you would normally associate with established ribbon microphone companies like Royer and AEA -- and they normally come with the price tags to match those companies' reputation for high-quality products.

I myself own a Royer SF12, which I use on almost every session at my studio, and given that Prodipe's offering is around a sixth of the price, I was very intrigued to see how it would fare.



  • Nicely made.
  • Works well on a wide range of sources.
  • High SPL-handling ability.
  • Affordable.



  • Slightly brighter than most ribbons.



Anyone who wouldn't normally have the budget for a stereo ribbon mic will be pleased to know about this remarkably affordable yet good-sounding model.


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