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MC1 - Sound on Sound

Prodipe Lanen MC1
Handheld Capacitor Microphone

This French-designed stage mic costs less than more established models -- and might just outperform them, too!

Designed by French company Prodipe, in conjunction with producer Ludovic Lanen, the Lanen MC1 is a hand-held capacitor microphone suited to vocal and instrument use. Although it is intended primarily for live situations, there's no reason not to also use the MC1 for studio recording, where appropriate.



  • Open, natural sound.
  • Rugged build.
  • Highly resistant to popping.
  • Affordable.


  • None at the price.


An affordable, hand-held capacitor mic that delivers high-quality sound, resists popping to an impressive degree, and is built to take
the knocks of life on the road.


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