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STC-3D - Sound on Sound

Prodipe (the professional audio division of France-based IPE Music) have taken advantage of low-cost Chinese manufacturing to produce a new range of affordable studio microphones. A familiar story, perhaps, but there's an individual twist. IPE music have top French Producer Ludovic Lanken on their side -- quite literally, in fact, as they have his name on the side of their microphone! Ludovic Lanken has worked with many top French vocal artists and he seems confident enough in this microphone to lend his name to it. He cites smoothness and neutrality as the mic's key strengths and claims it is one of the best he has for everyday use. There's no in-depth information available as to where the microphone was designed or where the quality control takes place, but with a big name producer making that kind of claim for a sub-£150 microphone, we just had to give it a try



At under £150, the Prodipe STC3D is very reasonably priced for a well-made, Chinese-built, multi-pattern microphone. Though you can't expect to get a world-class output transformer in a mic at this price point, the STC3D still turns in a good performance, and should suit a lot of vocal styles, as it has a gently flattering character, rather than an obviously hyped sound. Naturally, it isn't without competition, and if the mic is mainly for your own use it is always wisest to try out a few models in your price range and see what suits your voice best. However, there's nothing really to fault at the price, and having switchable patterns makes the STC3D very versatile. 


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