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Pro 8-3W - Sound on Sound

Many of the active monitors I've written about within these pages have come with both decidedly eye-watering and wallet-emptying prices. The subject of this review however could hardly be more different. In fact, despite being designed to do pretty much the same job as those speakers, the Prodipe Pro 8-3W would set you back as little as 10 percent of the price of some of them. So, does it cut the proverbial mustard and get close to the performance of its far more expensive predecessors?



  • Wide bandwidth.
  • Able to play loud.
  • Well-judged tonal balance.



  • Question marks over manufacturing consistency.
  • Cost saving leads to manufacturing and performance compromises.



The 8-3W is a brave attempt at three-way for entry-level two-way money. The result is compromised and has some rough edges, but it's fundamentally a capable monitor.


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Pro 8-3W