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TDC - Sound on Sound

French company Prodipe continue to surprise us with affordable gear that performs rather better than its price might lead you to expect, so I was keen to try out their new coaxial studio monitors. Although Tannoy are probably the biggest name in coaxial monitoring, a number of other companies have developed variations on the theme.



  • Affordable.
  • Dual-concentric design gives good off-axis performance.
  • Can be desk mounted or mounted on a shelf in either horizontal or vertical orientations.
  • Good overall tonal balance.



  • The larger TDC8s sound a little 'plummy' at the bass end -- a feature of many lower-cost ported designs.


Both these speakers offer a good balance of cost to performance but, for my money, the smaller TDC5 is the better sounding of the two, albeit with less bass extension.


Click here to dowload the press review.