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Michel Turco

Drummer - Sound engineer - Composer - Producer

  • In my professional backline work I've often come across Messrs Lanen and Salmiéri, whose musicianship has always earned my greatest respect. So I've kept a close watch on their journey with the French brand, Prodipe. And I've realised that Prodipe design high quality products which I now use every day in the studio and for backlines.

    When you test a Prodipe product, you recognise that the quality flowing from Claude Salmiéri and Ludovic Lanen's skills is the same quality you would expect from a major brand. Prodipe have provided a solution to the age old problem: "Why do we have one level of sound quality for pros and another for everyone else?".

    I've been using Prodipe in every imaginable studio and backline situation, with well-known performers who are often enthusiastic about the standard of the equipment.

    The third millennium will belong to the bold and the shrewd. Congratulations Prodipe for being bold and shrewd.



When he was 16, he and his family opened a recording studio in Saint Etienne: STUDIO MAG. Being involved with this project gave him an insight into all the various strands of the music profession and after the creation of MAG SCENE (sound and light provider) a few years later, he discovered a new passion for live sound, which complemented his career as a musician.

Over many years on stage and in the studio he has accompanied and worked with Age tendre et tête de bois, Michel Delpech, Catherine Lara, Sheila, Isabelle Aubret, Chico & The Gypsies, La Compagnie Créole, Hervé Vilard, Francis Lalanne, Annie Cordy, Demis Roussos, Didier Barbelivien, Pierre Vassiliu, JeaneManson, Alice Dona, Claude Dubois, Julie Piétri, Patrick Juvet, Claude Barzotti, Herbert Léonard, Pierre Bachelet, Gérard Lenorman, Michelle Torr, Guy Matteoni, Claude Salmiéri, Eric Charden, Patrick Bosso, Arnaud Gidouin, Jimmy Ohid, Robert Hossein, Tibert, Triste Sire, Annabel, Rhr, Tom Bad, Feed, Classic & Troubles, Raoul Volfonie, Sergio Verdi, Digital, Chery Chery, Freddy Kroegher, Shona, etc.