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Press review

  • Pack DL21 new

    DL21 - Musica y Mercado

    DL21 Salmiéri Drums es el nuevo paquete de 4 micrófonos de Prodipe

  • Pack DRM-KD prodipe

    DRM-KD - Musica y Mercado

    Nuevo micrófono DRM-KD de Prodipe

  • Prodipe-Logo-290 x 221

    Prodipe - Musica y Mercado

    Calidad Prodipe accesible para todos

  • Pack AL21 new

    AL21 Romanelli Accordéon - Musica y Mercado

    Prodipe presenta el nuevo micrófono AL21 Romanelli Accordion

  • Gamme TDC

    TDC - Sound on Sound

    Prodipe TDC5 & TDC8 - Active Monitors

    Coaxial monitors are usually expensive, so how do these budget offerings from French company Prodipe perform?

  • Pro 8-3W

    Pro 8-3W - Sound on Sound

    Three-way Active Monitors

    Three-way speakers tend to reside at the higher-priced end of the market -- can Prodipe succeed with a budget-friendly option?

  • Trois packs Pro 3000

    Pro 3000 - Sound on Sound

    Prodipe get colourful

    3000 series headphones bring a splash of colour to the studio.

  • STC-3D MK2

    STC-3D - Sound on Sound

    Multi-pattern Studio Microphone

    This versatile large-diaphragm condenser offers good performance at a very reasonable price.

  • MC1 Condenser prodipe

    MC1 Condenser - Nushock Studio


    A step up from the Dynamic MC1


  • Pack MC1 new

    MC1 - Sound on Sound

    This French-designed stage mic costs less than more established models -- and might just outperform them, too!

  • Pack RSL

    Ribbon Stereo Lanen (R.S.L) - Sound on Sound

    Think you need thousands to add a decent stereo ribbon mic to your collection ? Think again...