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Ultra-pro studio headphones and in-ear monitors that compare with the best in the market, but at hugely affordable prices.

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    IEM5120 (boite 3D détourée) - Juin 2021

    In-ear monitors IEM 5120

    This UHF headphone return system allows singers, musicians and speakers to have, on stage, an audio return of irreproachable quality with total freedom of movement and movement. 100 mono channels, up to 80 m of range, for the stage, while traveling or in the studio.



    279,00 €

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  • IEM3 (boite 3D détourée) - Juin 2021

    In-ear monitors IEM3

    Studio sound in your ears! Specially designed for musicians, on stage, traveling, in the studio, with highly studied ergonomics to isolate you perfectly from external noise, the IEM 3 headphones from PRODIPE offer you the quality of its Studio wherever you are.



    39,00 €

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  • PRO580 (boite 3D détourée) - Juin 2021

    Pro 580

    The closed back Pro 880 is designed to be used by professional musicians, studios and home studios for accurate monitoring.



    49,00 €

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  • PRO880 (boite 3D détourée) - Juin 2021

    Pro 880

    Versatile monitoring headphones: top of the range at Prodipe prices!



    89,00 € vat incl.

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  • IEM7120 (boite 3D détourée) - Juin 2021

    In-ear monitors IEM 7120

    Our job is to design products with irreproachable sound quality. This is what you will find again with the IEM7120. Always with the expertise of Ludovic Lanen, Prodipe offers you a 200 frequency UHF feedback system.



    359,00 €

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