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    Natural 6 Cherywood face

    Amp Natural 6 Cherrywood

    Made of plywood for better dynamics, the Natural 6 Cherrywood amplifies your acoustic guitar, string instrument or microphone with exceptional sound quality and precision.


    599,00 €

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    Saint Louis (Boite 3D)


    Designed with and for harmonica players, this dynamic uni-directional Harmonica Mic with volume and impedance transformer offers you through its thoughtful ergonomics, greater playing comfort and through the choice of its Cell, a warm and dynamic sound. Delivered with an impedance transformer to use your harmonica directly in an amp or in effects pedals.


    79,00 € TTC

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    Pack ST-1 MK2

    ST-1 MK2 Lanen

    A reference that has become essential!

    The ST-1 MK2 Lanen, designed on the basis of the STC-3D MK2, is one of the only condenser microphones on the market, equipped with a real 34mm large diaphragm capsule, with a gold-plated one-inch diaphragm, in this price range.

    Almost all of the other brands speak of a large membrane, for capsules from 16 to 19mm and the difference is significant!

    Unlike "entry-level" products, which are often too cold and too bright, with less full sound in the bass and lower midrange, the ST-1 MK2 Lanen perfectly reproduces the definition and warmth of the recorded source.


    129,00 €

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    VL21-C Lanen Violin & Alto

    A very faithful response, with an excellent natural sound and an easy and fast assembly,

    Developed under the direction of Ludovic Lanen, the VL21-C Lanen microphone is specially designed for the recording and sound reinforcement of violins and violas.

    Equipped with an electret cell capable of handling up 140dB, it will capture all the dynamics and nuances of your playing.
    Its great linearity will perfectly respect the timbre and the sound of your instrument.

    Particular attention has been paid to attaching the microphone to the instrument. The two new rubber clamps allow the 21 cell to be positioned at the heart of the sound recording, in order to ensure perfect capture for a precise and natural rendering.

    109,00 €

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    M850 MK2 (boite 3D)

    UHF M850 MK2

    Additive to the B210 Solo and B210 Duo Series, you can now purchase the M850 MK2 UHF handheld microphone for use with the B210 Series.



    69,00 €

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    Pack IEM5120

    In-ear monitors IEM 5120

    This UHF headphone return system allows singers, musicians and speakers to have, on stage, an audio return of irreproachable quality with total freedom of movement and movement. 100 mono channels, up to 80 m of range, for the stage, while traveling or in the studio.



    249,00 €

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