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Alexandre Léauthaud


  • As an accordion player, I've had the opportunity to test out all sorts of instrument mics, but I've never found one that really fits the bill.

    It was only when I tried the Prodipe AL21 Romanelli mic that I could finally hear the natural sound of my accordions.


Alexandre Léauthaud is a French musician (accordion player) and composer. He was born at Versailles in 1978.

His introduction to the accordion:
In the middle of the 1980s, Alexandre's family moved to Savoie in the French Alps. One of his primary school teachers offered to give him accordion lessons after class. His enthusiasm for this instrument, which in a sense was chosen for him, grew as he grew.

His musical training:
His love for the accordion was a gateway to various schools. First came the André Thépaz institute at Chambéry where he learned what the instrument was capable of managing. He then earned diplomas from the Conservatoire National de Marseille (Accordion), the Centre d'informations musicales in Paris (Orchestration/Arrangement) and the Schola Cantorum (Wind section/Accordion).

His musical career:
From the age of 14 to 19 he went on accordion courses during the holidays, honing his skills on the streets of Chambéry. Between 1997 and 2000, he cut his teeth each evening with La Guinguette de la Tour Eiffel, which changed name to Guinguette Maxim's when Pierre Cardin took over in 1998.

In 2000, when touring as an actor, he met Guillaume Cramoisan, the director of Troupe du Phénix, who happened to be looking for an accordion player. This chance encounter led to a watershed moment: after joining the troupe he realised that accompanying the performances was clearly meant for him because it was something he really enjoyed doing. Alongside his Phénix work he played in the group, Fouteurs De Joie, with Christophe Doremus, Nicolas Ducron, Laurent Madiot and Tom Poisson. Five brothers in arms, each with their own artistic strengths and passions.

Their shows are filled with songs that shift between political, light-hearted, funny and poignant, combining an eclectic and theatrical style of music.

He was able to further his career as actor/musician by performing in Jésus-la-Caille with Marie Laforêt and Le Médecin malgré lui with Nicolas Ducron.

In 2004 he helped Tom Poisson with his solo career, co-producing the album Riche à Millions in 2008.

He has played live and/or in studio sessions with Agnès Bihl, Romain Lemire, Fabien Martin, Niko, Tom Poisson, Eric Fernandez, Michel Jonasz, Art Mengo (on behalf of Lionel Suarez), Dick Annegarn, Souad Massi, Hugues Aufray, Francis Cabrel and many more.