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Félix Sabal Lecco



Félix Sabal-Lecco, known as Féfé, is a Franco-Cameroonian drummer. Along with his work as an accompanist, he developed a personal career as a composer, arranger and performer.

After having accompanied as a drummer or singer, the greatest - Sting, Peter Gabriel, Paul Simon, Manu Dibango, Prince, Youssou Ndour, Lenny Kravitz, France Gall, Herbie Handcock, etc ... - the singer and French musician- Cameroonian Félix Sabal Lecco remembers his career: a young man in pursuit of the French dream and his passion for French song.

A young Cameroonian, Féfé, far removed from the clichés of emigres - (his father was one of the greatest political leaders in his country, several times minister and prime minister) is very happy at home in Yaoundé but nevertheless feels cramped , in his beautiful African country.

The songs and shows that reach him from France irresistibly attracted him and developed in him the passion to become an artist and to perform.

It is from a song that all his adventure starts ... At the age of six, he discovers by chance, a little man who came to sing in Africa in the first part of Achille Zavatta the famous clown ... His melodies and his words make you dream ... His voice smells of romance and love ... It's France ... Paris ... Féfé gets it into his head to do the same and especially to understand why he had come from there singing, "Take me to the end of the earth, it seems to me that misery would be less painful in the sun" ... Here ???

A key word, an inconsiderate love, an unbounded admiration for the great Charles Aznavour will sum up his wonder for the world of music.

On his way to France as part of his studies, Féfé will grow his passion to the point of becoming an obsession. Knowing by heart the words of hundreds of French songs from all eras, he takes with him this extra soul, like a treasure that he treasures in him.

In a farandole punctuated by the great successes of French song interpreted by Félix Sabal Lecco

We thus find the great classics, anchored in the collective memory, such as: "Take me" Charles Aznavour, "Le Bal de la Marine" François Deguelt, "Le poinçonneur des Lilas" Serge Gainsbourg, "It's so easy to love you "Josephine Baker," The song of old lovers "Jacques Brel," Cécile my daughter "Claude Nougaro and many others ...

Using the framework of his personal history, his choice of works where women and their incredible seduction, hold a very special place, makes us discover how "singing French" is perceived by a citizen of the World, in love with French song and its incredible story.

Revealer of the soul of men, Féfé will finally find love in the pure and immense eyes of the most beautiful woman he has ever met: FRANCE.

"... Attempt without strength and without armor to reach the inaccessible star ... such is my quest, to follow the star, I do not care my chances, I do not care the time ..." (Jacques Brel )