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Les Rapetous

Guitar - Keyboard - Drums - Vocals


Designation of origin of four pistoleros, pillars of the French guitar gratin uniting to form a group of "weights". In a rock spirit allied to a solid sense of quirky humor Basile Leroux, Manu Galvin, Serge Malik and Laurent Cokelaere, "strong" of 420 kilos on the scale and an adapted CV, combine their massive talent as bandits of the pick to evoke or escape their past… Heavy!

Where it gets interesting is that they are together for fun, far from the ambition of the stars they rub shoulders with on a daily basis. These dangerous sharp criminals want to share a festive moment with the public, without wanting to prove anything else.

The RAPETOUS are everywhere they want: clubs, first parties of great artists, festivals, pizza trucks and… good restaurants! Because it should be noted that their contract includes a detailed menu, the cooking of meats and selected wines (humor!).

The press describes Les RAPETOUS:

"A fat sound ... bison rhythms ... a generous, succulent, earthy spirit but without excess of seriousness ... their Telecasters sound like fighter planes!"


The RAPETOUS not only invite themselves to lunch, they also invite prestigious artists on stage: Larry Carlton, Nicoletta, Yarol, Didier Lockwood, Paul Personn, Axel Bauer, Sylvain Luc, Klaus Blasquiz, Nono, Frankie Jordan… Each stage performance offers its share of surprises!